Lightsaber Gauntlet Sword MOC

During the final days of Toys R Us (RIP) I managed to pick up a couple of the last few CCBS Star Wars sets, TLJ Rey and the First Order pilot.
I put together the pilot, but…something just didn’t feel right about putting together Rey with all the flack she has received by the fan base.

So, I used a small bulk of her set to put together a simple build with an unusual take on a lightsaber.

The lightsaber is inspired by a couple of Shadiversity videos I watched, one going over the historical gauntlet sword from India, and the other critiquing the design of the Halo Energy Sword.
And so was born this nameless MOC, with no backstory, and no real major thought to her design.
The helmet design is my T.O.A. head, I just like using it as opposed to a Bionicle or Hero Factory head.


Nice work here! At some point I remember getting a Clone Wars Plo Koon action figure that had a lightsaber gauntlet as one of his accessories. I also really like the face; the printing gives it a lot of personality.


Looks too wobbly i recommend making it only one blade otherwise the gauntlet itself is pretty good

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@ReeseEH @controller_of_ice
Thanks dudes!
I’m working on a revamp of her, that will be inspired by a faction from the old Star Wars EU. She is going to be a knight, but not a Jedi knight…

Np keep doin what your doin

If you don’t recall, it’s called a pata.

I love this so much