Looking for a lost Power Miners video

This popped into my head randomly and I realized I couldn’t find it online, or any mention of it (at least after a quick search).

Does anyone remember a series of goofy videos on the Power Miners site where there was a news reporter covering Rock Monster sightings? It wasn’t done with Lego bricks - they were filming an actual person, and the “Monsters” were people wearing hilariously enormous costumes fumbling around the place.

The (brief) series ended with a pseudo-interview-documentary-like segment where the reporter talked about his experiences befriending one of the monsters and playing tennis with it.

After a quick Google I can find no mention of it online, let alone a link. Does anyone know where I can find more about this, or at least remember it too? It was kind of like a social media campaign before those were really a big thing, and it’s not something I remember Lego doing with many of their other lines. It was really weird, and it would be a shame if it were lost entirely.


I remember those videos, in edition to the tennis one I distinctly remember one with dirt bikes. There might have been a basketball one as well? Also sorry I have no ideas as to where to look.

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What was the name of the site? Maybe you can find it using the wayback machine

the series was called “monster see, monster do” I’m pretty sure I saw it on youtube once, but I can’t remember what channel the videos were on.

EDIT: the series was actually called “a day in the life”, and the whole thing has been uploaded by a channel called “sparkythesecond”

here’s the whole series: (which I’ve compiled into a playlist for your convenience)


I remember these. Specifically that one with Glaciator on the trampoline, I watched that one loads.

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Yes, that’s the one! Thanks for finding it. :wink:

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Oh, I also remember watching those on LEGO.com back in the day. I am very glad they have been found, and we can still watch them today.

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I remember laughing a lot at the part where the rock monster mascot was jumping on a trampoline or something, Nolstalgia. They just don’t give the same creativity off with other themes these days.

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and yet…

I didn’t even know I had this memory.

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