Looking for Lego Studio custom parts

I have the Biopack, but I was wondering if there are any other parts packs.

I’m particularly looking for these parts:
44847 Sports Hockey Skate
50602 Large Figure Armor, Shoulder - Smooth (Knights Kingdom II)
50629 Large Figure Armor, Leg Shin Guard Type 1
and any of the swords and shields that came with the big Knights Kingdom figures

If there is anyway to get these in Studio I would greatly appreciate it, or even if anyone knows of any other cool packs for Studio that I should be aware of.


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I use a few packs mainly for bionicle stuff, I’ll link you some later when I have the chance. As for the ones you mentioned I’d love those too. It is possible to add your own stuff to studio too as long as you have the 3d models but sadly not found any of those specific parts yet and my 3d modeling skills are less than desirable so can’t really make them myself sadly.
I’ll keep looking though and let you know of I find any.
{{{EDIT}}} Okay so the ones I use are under the section parts pack Packs
The biopack is in there as well but the GalvaPack and KhingK Pack are super useful, loads of offical parts but a load of custom stuff too.

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Thanks for the link. I downloaded some of those packs, they will be very useful. I found a 3D model for the hockey skate, so maybe I can turn that into a piece if I can’t find anything else.

I have a custom parts pack: Rothanak's Mask Pack 2 (stud.io pack), mostly masks I made on thingiverse: Thingiverse - Digital Designs for Physical Objects


Very cool! I like a lot of your designs, and you can never have enough masks! :grin:

Is everything on your Thingiverse page in the mask pack? Or only what’s in the photo on the topic page?

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I know the Hockey Skate is around, I’ll see what I can do regarding including it in the next Biopack update (which i’m doing now, apparently?)


Owww nice, I even see some prototype designs in there. Will be adding this to my packs tonight :smile:

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That would be great, thank you. I’ll look forward to the next Biopack installment! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Only what’s in the photo, and a few more variants. I’m going to update it soon

I hope the update has the Olmak, the Vezon Ignika and more Barraki pieces.Voyager published studio files for the Hagah with Kalmah foot, Pouks and Kualus shoulder armor and Bomonga’s spear. Here’s the link 11.23 MB file on MEGA

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While you can extract custom parts from a .io file, it’s a holy pain. Ask Voyager for the custom part files instead, as those’ll save you much time there.

Barring unforeseen Russians, it won’t have any of the three, but Piraka and Inika weapons and Mahri masks are in the pipeline

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It’ll be good to have a Volitak model for some of the future Canon Contests.

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Put some 2016 bionicle parts in. :slightly_smiling_face: maybe?

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You’ll have to ask modelers for that, as while the Uniter armor piece will be included, nothing else is modeled yet.


Is there somewhere you can put requests?

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Got to give these things time guys. Firstly the models need to exist, so it takes a 3d modeller to make them. They then need to be added into studio and made compatible, collisions, connection points rotation points ect all need to be added so this stuff takes time.
Don’t bombard people with requests just let them work in their own time and they will release when they can.

well yes
Modeling pieces is very tedious

I’d like to add another similar item to this list; does anyone know where I can get a file of the Knight’s Kingdom shin guard shown below?


EDIT: I just noticed that this piece was already on the list. My bad.

(Still want the file though)

As far as I’ve been able to find nobody has released a public version of it yet sadly. @vootcaboot hey Im on my phone at work so I don’t have the link to your studio resource page, would you mind popping the link in here so they can see it please?