Lost Chronicles -- A Tabletop RPG Homebrew

I'll join you in a game sometime...

Will there be an option later down the track to play as a Makuta? Just wondering. otherwise, the rules look good!

Please don't double post! Thank you! - Eljay

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Most definitely.


Sounds cool, count me in. :stuck_out_tongue:

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This RPG looks great, but I think a few things should be added:
Makuta, Johmak's Speices, basic ranged weapons like bows, slings, hatchets, crossbows, etc., other Skakdi vision powers, and alignment like DnD.

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Honestly, while I think there should be something about the Toa Code, I don't really think alignments would fit.
Though, that may just be my personal bias against alignments speaking.

Is there a way to download the rulebook as a file? Clicking on the link takes me to a new window with the rulebook on it.

Yep, as stated before, Makuta as a playable race is something that will be added in the future. As for "Johmak's species", I don't remember this character off the top of my head so I'll have to look that up. On weapons, I wanted to stick with what's actually canon for now. In the future I'll have a sort of "expansion" on the side including generic weapons and maybe even stuff from other franchises for funsies. Skakdi vision powers, well, I'm open to suggestions for new ideas. A very simple alignment piece will be added too, but later.

There's a button in the upper-right corner you can click on to download. Alternatively, right-click the link and choose "Save Link As...".


I'll join.

Hype intensifies!!!!!

I'm with Slurm on this, we need to get a group together stuck_out_tongue


@TakumaNuva do you think there could be the possiblity of the creation of a standardized character sheet?


The game would probably have to be finalized before one could be made, but I have made one for this beta version. It can be easily made by messing around with tables and textboxes in MS Word to make areas for the info about the character like weapons, stats, skills, species, etc.
Here is an image of the beta character sheet. Tell me if I missed anything


This looks really cool. Count me in, maybe. What was this about groups?

There should be a save option on the bottom right tool bar.

Something I found a little strange was the Tryna was the only Kanohi labeled as immoral. Would Kanohi such as the Avsa and Jutlin also be considered immoral as they go against the three virtues (at least according to the MNOGII I believe).

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can't wait! me and my DnD group have been so excited about such a thing for so long, everyone in the group has at least some fond memories of BIONICLE to varying degrees.

are there character sheets that we can use? or is it compatible with normal DnD character sheets? Also I noticed that hordika were not included as a playable race, I could easily remedy that since I already had a planed system for the race and how they would function and I was planning on adding some modifications to include humans and their weapons anyway

Um... gee, I'm kinda confused, actually. After reading through everything, I realize my general knowledge on this is a lot less than I'd originally thought. stuck_out_tongue

Gear Points become irrelevant past character creation.

The "Immoral" label for the Tryna under the main Kanohi list is actually something I forgot to remove. All immoral Kanohi are stated as such, but under their description rather than the list.

I don't have any character sheets made up currently, no, and I've not seen what a standard DnD sheet looks like so I can't really say. As for Hordika, I fully intend to add them in in the future along with many other races, I just wanted to get something out in the meantime. If you have ideas yourself I'd be more than happy to hear them.

Well, hopefully when we get the videos rolling out they'll rectify that.


well it's clear that the hordika is intended to be the bionicle equivalent of a werebeast, I did plan a system where a horidika has three potential stages to go through: fledgling, feral, and peaceful. Fledgling is when they've recently been infected and have three decisions to choose from, finding a cure (which would probably require the GM to either bring in Keetongu or come up with some other deus ex) giving into the beast as a feral which would result in either simply joining the dark side like Vakama or becoming completely beastial. Or they make peace with their animal side. Each of these would have different benifits and drawbacks, fledglings would be farely neutral and pretty close to their original stats as a toa, being a hordika would obviously add traits like primitive weapons, ferocious, and other beast-like things. Feral would have a major increase in strength and proficiency in primitive weapons but tend to drop in intelligence and moral standing, making them insanely powerful but very aggressive and shunned by most societies. Peaceful would be more reserved and intelligent, honing their instincts for things like tracking and controlling their rage for a more percise fighting style. Matoran will still be causious around them but can be swayed by the right attitude to lower their defences. There would be time intervals and situations (determined by the GM) where a fledgling or feral would have to roll a will check so that you don't go on a mad bloodlust and mistake your friends for mahi sandwich, this makes it so that even if the player manages to build a good karma feral there is still a magor risk in playing that kind of character.

After reading through the system of The 3 Vs I thought that would be an appropriate factor that could be used to determine the direction that a hordika would go. Unity is how their team affects them as a hordika, they could provide companionship and strength to help them find peace with the beast inside, or they could be a dark influence, and drive them to become feral. Duty is based on the desire to complete their mission, are they dedicated to their cause so much that they will put aside the animal nature to finish their task? Or are they going to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Or has their motives changed completely and are looking out for themselves only. Destiny well if fate says you turn into a rabid half-rahi or not then that's what happens.

All of these things I leave in your discretion to include or leave out of the final product but I do plan on using this design when I play it.
(This will be my first time GMing anything, wish me luck!)


Am I too late to ask if I can join in?

You mean the Message boards RPG Slime suggested?

So, I was looking through this page for some interesting species to suggest, and I think Tobduk's Species could be pretty interesting in something like this.

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