Lost Chronicles -- A Tabletop RPG Homebrew

UPDATE 08/19/15: First version of the Bestiary has now been released. More Rahi and other creatures will be added in the future.

UPDATE 06/25/15: Kanohi completely reworked. Added many extended
universe Kanohi and now almost all Noble versions are available.

I'm going to try and keep this short because, let's face it, you've got plenty of reading ahead of you.

What you're about to see is a true labor of love. Never you mind how far back the changelog goes, I've been working solo on this project off and on for well over a year now. I have easily poured more than a hundred hours into the R&D of this project (big shout out to BS01). Now that I've graduated from college and, ergo, have more time on my hands, it's time to release this thing into the wild. I only hope that people enjoy what I'm presenting here.

Truth be told, I was hoping to have a video demonstrating the system when I posted this but, while that's still coming too many people have been asking for this. It's time.

Lost Chronicles is my homebrew for a (G1) Bionicle tabletop RPG system. I drew a lot of inspiration for the system from sources such as Fantasy Flight's 40k series of RPGs (e.g. Rogue Trader, Death Watch) and Star Wars KOTOR while obviously adding my own unique ideas. I wanted to make a system that was comprehensive enough, but at the same time not too complicated. Yes, it looks like there's a staggering number of rules, but you're only going to use so many all that frequently.

Truth be told, this project isn't fully complete yet, though incredibly close. I still have things that need tweaking and polish, as well as a few things I'm just not sure how to implement properly. It is, however, in a playable state. The reason I'm releasing it in this "beta" version is because I've simply reached a point where it'll benefit more from people actually testing it out and giving me feedback/suggestions. That said, if you have any criticisms about rules, for new features, questions regarding rules that aren't clear, or maybe a request for some particular piece to be finished (e.g. a stat sheet for a specific creature), let me know and I'll get to it ASAP.

So, gather your IRL friends around a table or get a group together online using Roll20.net or some other solution. Tell stories, have fun, and be sure you tell me all about it.

Click here to download the latest version of the rulebook.

Click here to download the latest version of the bestiary.

Because of the changes to Dropbox's "Public Folder", the old links no longer work. You may now download the files at the following URLs.

Link to download rulebook
Link to download bestiary
BONUS! Link to download hit-modifier calcualtor

Honestly, I don't know why people are actually still downloading this thing. I consider it little more than a successful failure. I hope to make a better one from scratch someday, but whether or not that day ever comes is another matter entirely.

Takuma Nuva


I don't have enough IRL friends to play this with


That's when you gather some online friends and head over to Roll20.net. That's what the TTV crew will be using to play.



welp guys

we should organize a group or club or something

after i get back from hiatus


When will you go on hiatus?


I AM on hiatus. Right now. I just happen to be able to get on the Boards every now and then.


omg cant wait to tell all... my ... friends... who are all bionicle haters (i need new friends)


BRB gonna find someone who wants to play this with me.

Oh wait there is no one that I know IRL that would care about this in the slightest!

Dang my life sucks.


* raises both hands and waves *
I am!


maybe we could have a ttv RPG night


This definitely is VERY interesting. I don't have very much experience with RPG's, but I have a little knowledge

Which I have zero of.

Sounds good, but I'll need some time to go through those rules.

I have one question, Mr. Takuma:
How long will the average game take? And can you have multiple sessions with the website you suggested?


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This seems cool but I've absolutely no experience with tabletop games

I'm afraid I'd be lost


At long last.

TFW you can play multiplayer games and you control all the players

I am in support of this though


That's two questions.

Traditionally, most people allow a few hours per session, though your mileage may vary.

Yes, Roll20 keeps track of your progress for you to come back to later.



Never done anything like this but why not!


I am!

Dies from hype
Is reanimated by sheer awesomeness
@TakumaNuva, how do you put files online like that?

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Yes me and my friends have been waiting forever to play this! I'm going to start getting this organized ASAP! Thanks Takuma!

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Right now I'm just hosting the file in my Public folder on Dropbox.

I can't wait to hear all the things I need to change. d=

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