Lost Chronicles -- A Tabletop RPG Homebrew

I agree.

I'm super hyped for this (This coming from someone who used to attempt to play the Bionicle 2001 card game) ,but I'm really excited!

Okay, I just got through the character options (pretty comprehensive there, so well done on that) and a couple of things I thought I might mention: First, Vortixx have the Shadow element,-according to the Bionicle Encyclopedia, page 93 in Roodaka's entry if you want to check my source.

Second, I just did a stat line for a Vortixx and even with the limit of no more than 20 attribute points added to each thing before bonuses, I'm still looking at mostly fifties and if you're working with on the average forty principle, then you're looking at more successes than anything else.

Maybe consider substituting Dark Heresy or Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay's version of the stat line?

Something to consider for the sake of what sort of power level you envisage for the came.

Dark Heresy and Warhammer Fantasy, your characters don't start out as powerful, which adds an element of drama and discourages making stupid moves.

That might just be my personal preference talking though, so feel free to ignore that bit of diatribe.

On a completely different note, is an RP being planned or what's going on there?

I saw the idea suggested, but nothing concrete.

I don't have that book, so I can't comment on what it says, but everything else I read points toward only Roodaka having non-elemental shadow powers due to "dark meditation" or whatever, not all Vortixx.

I actually did base these stat lines off of Dark Heresy, Deathwatch, Rogue Trader, etc. Toa were based mostly off of space marines while Matoran used more of a Rogue Trader stat line. I suppose I could go back and give it another look as my math may have been off.

That depends on who you're directing the question toward. Obviously I plan to be running a campaign with the TTV folks to put up on the channel. As for what the others have been planning above, I have no part in that.

Of those, Deathwatch has the highest stats, because, Spess Mahrines.

Dark Heresy deals with humans, so that might be a better base for Matoran.

Do you have the Chaos one? Black Crusade? It gives you the option of playing either Human or Space Marine and balances appropriately, so it might make for a more consistent set of stats across all the races.

Another thing to consider is using a table for randomly allocating stats, like the 2 D10 plus a starting bonus like Dark Heresy has for homeworlds. It's a lot harder to min-max randomly generated numbers than pregenerated with a set number of points to use.

My friends and I just did a little combat using this RPG. It was pretty humorous stuck_out_tongue

Very excited for this! Hopefully I can get my Online RP group to try this out.

I was hesitant to post this due to debating with myself if the rules had covered boats. Even if its a pet peeve I'd probably live with boats acting like ground vehicles but I kinda started to think boats probably would act like the aircraft but with less speed.

My point is that I felt boats were not presented in the rules as I didn't see boats doing the same kind of turns as other ground vehicles but they'd probably not cover the distance of aircraft.

After getting that out of the way, I feel that RPG is good even if I've never gotten to play a single P&P/Tabletop RPG. Waiting for the TTV to do their video on this.

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I wounldn't have enough people.

Can't believe I forgot to mention it before, but there was a significant update a couple months ago. Well, now there's a new one today.


Oh kewl. I must check it out.

I like the Bestiary, but I have 3 suggestions: Add the Kewa (FEED ME), explain what taming means, and, if possible (I know the story isn't extremely specific), give Rahi a general size besides "stature". If you can't find sizes, you could probably ask Greg on the LMB.

Excuse me, but where does one find the Lost Chronicles on Roll20.net?

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I've been wanting to know about this, too.

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I haven't been working on additional entries in the bestiary as of late since I've been more focused on career goals. However, if you're in the middle of something that would greatly benefit from its entry just say so and I can get out that individual one pretty quick.

Taming is explained in the main rulebook (though I just realized I hadn't completely finished it so that's better clarified now) and, to be frank, if you're trying to use the bestiary without the rest of the rules you're gonna have a bad time, so I don't really see the point in the redundancy, but I suppose it may be something to consider.

As for sizes, my guess is as good as anyone's. Actually, probably worse to be honest because I suck at size/distance estimations. I really don't like the idea of asking GregF to hash out dimensions on 100+ Rahi -- half of which he probably doesn't even remember -- either.

If you're looking for some sort of pre-built module or something, there isn't one. If it's even possible to do that I don't know how and I likely wouldn't want to pour the amount of time it would take into doing it. I've got enough on my plate these days as-is.

I really wanna play this, but I only have one IRL friend who really cares about Bionicle...

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Uh... Oops...

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You can say that again.

Fix'd. Thanks for that. You get yourself a "special thanks" spot. d=

Can I be a Toa with the head of a Vahki? or would that get me arrested.

Question: Should one be able to find, say, a Kanohi Hau or Two handed Sword lying on the ground?