L's Amateur Photoshop Requests

Name explains it all.

Watch a guy fail horrendously at photoshop.

Send me your worst/best.


Okay, um… do a car with eight pairs of wheels?

I don’t know why, but I just need to see G1/IDW Shockwave with two eyes

Dont smoke drugs kids.

gonna be honest I was kinda lazy with this one


Hey, now if it gets flipped, it can still drive!

Can I have Morgan Freeman riding a giraffe? Thanks!


Make the spoifrk

You should remember what it is

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The legless Morgan Freeman drives his new steed

I dont know either. I made this after seeing a fork keychain and knew what to make


That Morgan Freeman is one of my new favorite things. Ever.

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A squirrel hosting the venom symbiote

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Any of the live action Jokers crawling out of a sewer

Next to a Porg with the Symbiote!

Can you make…The true meaning of life, featuring Michael Rosen, Robbie Rotten and an apple pie.

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@LTVmocs, would you consider it plagurism if I tried something similar?

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what are you stealing if you do?

Ask Marvel

What? Who’s marvel?

company. Not me.

Oh, I meant the photoshop requests idea. Sorry for the confusion

I’m sorry, but this might be the best thing I’ve seen


Can I get a giraffe riding a motorcycle?