M.D. Unit No. 8960: Emdee

#The Mechanical Drilling Unit
A bot for only the finest of mines

Front View:

Side View:

Back View:

Emdee drilling for… Rocks? Plastic? Plastic rocks? Who knows:

It looks like somebody just saw the thing that costed him his job:

Dragons are fun:

C&C all you want. I’m not gonna listen.


Oh man this is good. The head design is great, and the textures are consistent. The body flows really well and the construction is just jarring.

The only critique I would give is that the drill should have a pointy top so he can drill easier.



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Obligatory pointing out of Gurren Lagann, and all that heaven piercing nonsense.

I really love this, it gives of a great heavy industrial vibe. I especially like the top of it…


I love the head design!

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Ah heck no

Points are for scrub

It’s actually because the only silver cone pieces I have atm don’t match the silver of the drill. Thanks LEGO!

What’s this Gurren Lagann you speak of? Is it a spicy noodle dish? A printer?


I like the head…


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I don’t know the specifics but there’s definitely some familial relations going on here. :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like it, the parts usage is good, the shaping is good, my only real complaint would be that it has kingsmech syndrome where the arms have the joints at limiting angles.


Its an anime.

Anyway, great moc! I love the design.

Yes. Yes they are.

Instructions please?

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Those actually look pretty sweet!

Yeah. It’s not exactly the most articulated figure in the world. :confused:

Sorry, I don’t really make instructions for stuff like this. It’s a pretty simple build.

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I just noticed the furnace on his stomach! That is so awesome!

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Not the M.D. I was expecting.


Looks pretty cool, really nice


I like this guys sillhouette, it has a lot of character to it. The massive drill and head design, too, make him all the more eye catching.


great creation mate!

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Great Moc, I love the ideo. the colours flow well and the head looks simple but cute. Amazing that you pulled off having movable limbs too. I really like it!

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Brilliant! Overall really nice design.


and I thought I had seen all the heresy this world had to offer

Anyways, the textures seem off a bit, I feel as if the torso is a bit too smooth compared to the rest.

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The super awesome furnace chest may have something to do with that.

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As per usual, this dude has tons of character, and I love it.

:robot: / :robot: