Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron (sign-up and OOC discussion)

I think saying he’s been called a klutz and buffoon and impulsive helps tell the basics of his personality. Unless there are specifics you want me to list, I’d be more than happy to see what I can whip up.

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Nah, it’s OK.

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I added a little something to my modus operandi for his personality. It’s mainly what I hope ends up being the case but I will need help in creating that sort of play style considering I tend to make characters that are white knights.

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He’s accepted.
Should we wait for Traykar to get unbanned?
@Mctoran @meepinater @Chromeharpoon @LegoDavid @BlackBeltGamer98

  • Yes
  • No

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I’m working on extraditing him with the Mods.


On what?

Getting him unbanned.

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You’re a good man. Thank you.

I’d love to wait but I have every confidence that Traykar will be able to explain how his character appeared after we’ve played for a bit and have it make sense. He’s usually pretty good at keeping to the rules of an RP’s lore in terms of stuff like this.

I am not worried that he would not be able to catch up. It’s that I don’t feel OK starting without him.

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If any of us have other means of contacting him outside the boards, I think that they should ask him if we can proceed with the RP and have him catch up when he gets back from his suspension.

I don’t.

If nobody does, I’ll be fine with whatever the poll’s results show and you feel is best, being the GM here.

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Accepted Transwarp and changed the name to better fit the new rules.

@Traykar I am sorry, but I don’t think I will have an opportunity as good to make the main topic of the rp in the main future. When you come back, if you are still interested, you can PM me to talk about what you’ve lost and how to introduce Direwolf into the game. Or you can just read through and catch up, if you think you can.
I honestly hope you will have what to catch up with.

Name: Scaleraker
Faction: Maximals
Apearance: Large, about 3 times the size of an average bot, Imposing, with a red and grey color scheme.

A Pangolin
Weapons: Sharp claws, and that’s about it. and his thick scales.
Personality: Kind-hearted, but somewhat dim-witted. Not to the point of stupidity, just not very quick.

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Accepted. You can join anytime, as you lost very little. Should we say that you were with the running (main) group the entire time?


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Need a link?

Name: Vidrak
Faction: Predacon
( I will make a sketch of it later)
Alt-Mode: Dragon
Weapons/abilities: Fire Throwing, flying (in alt mode)
Bio: Vidrak is rude and very determined to achieve his mission. He likes to kill and terrorize.