Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron (sign-up and OOC discussion)

Wouldn’t their drones exist tho?

In the 3h comics its revieled that Megatron took his dpark to create a new general.
He indeed is the same character, but serving a different Megatron.

Not yet

Still a tankor repaint

Name: Sadakon
Faction: Maximal

Alt-Mode:He can turn into a T-Rex
Weapons: miniguns, jetpack.
Bio: Sadakon has a kind heart, but he can be angered very easily. He would do anything to protect his friends, but he can be very cruel with his enemies.

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Why would Megatron create two new entire types of drones for hunting the Maximals instead of using the up to six he alrwady had tho?

@LegoDavid accepted.
Tho you could have used a more humanoid image.

@TheOnlyGuyWhoLikesMistika I am still waiting for an explanation if Alpha’s name.

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Because the drones he already had sucked at their job.[quote=“Toa_Vladin, post:45, topic:49784”]
Why would Megatron create two new entire types of drones for hunting the Maximals instead of using the up to six he alrwady had tho?

Besides, only three types of drones that were used in the cartoon before Obsidian and Strika showed up.

@TheOnlyGuyWhoLikesMistika Also accepted.

Now here are the three characters that I’ll use. I mean, I will control a lot of characters, but these will be my three main members of the group.
Name: Drill Bit
Faction: Predacon

Alt mode: boll weevil
Weapons, abilities and equipment: His right arm can turn into a drill. He also has a blaster pistol.
Bio: Drill bit is a brute. He is extremely loyal to the Predacon cause, or at least to Megatron’s version. This is also why he actually wanted to join Meg’s group to go on the prehistoric Earth, tho Megatron chose Scorponok instead. Yeah, go figure.

Name: Beetle
Faction: Predacon

Alt mode: …beetle
Weapons, abilities and equipment: six machine guns mounted on his arms, blaster-proof armour
Bio: Beetle hates his life. He always curses his Decepticon ancestors. He hates to be pointed on the street or to be disconsidered just because he is a Predacon.

Name: Manta Ray
Faction: Predacon

Alt mode: …manta ray…
Weapons, abilities, equipment: Can turn her arms into blasters and swords, can breathe underwater.
Bio: Manta Ray was an engineer. She is actually quite fascinated by the Vehicon virus and it’s ability to change one Transformer’s internal structure. She almost got infected a couple of times.

Why not make a new character?

Nah. I just wanted to test these three. They barely had any time to shine in… anything. Especially Beetle, who had so little cannon time that I am practically making a new character by using him.

Okay, so are Maximals and Predacons working together to defeat the Vehicons?

Not the entire factions. Just our characters.
But basically yes.

Oh, okay…

I’ll brainstorm up a character.

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Okay, I’m posting this because this guy’s still a WIP and still needs (a lot of) work before he can be considered ready to play but I think I can make something here:


Name: Transwarp, friends call him “Warp”

Faction: Predacon

Appearance: Classic G1 Seeker (Siege design), greatly resembles Skywarp who he claims is his ancestor.

Alt Mode: G1 Seeker Cybertronian Tetra-jet (Siege version)

Weapons, Abilities and Equipment: Short-range teleportation (Nightcrawler from X-men sort of limits), Null Rays on his arms that can be switched into lethal weapons and can be detached to use as pistols. Missiles, grenades and a spiked club.

Update on Transwarp’s teleporting: if he attempts a long range teleport I will use a website to roll a 100-sided die and if the result is higher than 50, it works. Then I roll a 20-sided due to see how successful he is (Basic D&D result of higher equals better)

Bio: Transwarp has been called many things: Buffoon, Klutz, impulsive and a bit of a fanboy. He has always had a fascination with the time of the Civil War of Cybertron and just how varied the abilities of the two sides were and was especially interested in one he claims is his ancestor, Skywarp, as he had a unique ability to teleport short distances. He got himself a new look to pay homage to Skywarp by taking on heavy modifications to have the aesthetics of the Decepticon Seekers right down to the Alt Mode.

This eventually caused Transwarp to install a very experimental, shrunken down version of a Transwarp Drive into his own body in order to try and replicate this ability…this was partially successful as he did survive the procedure but he doesn’t have full control over his teleportation abilities and tends to randomly ‘jump’ when startled, in some form of stress and there have been times where he’s missed his mark and teleported into a wall, falling short of a ledge or running into people and things (usually breaking those things) along with the occasional crash but he’s getting better at controlling the accuracy of his teleportations, albeit slowly.

Personality will be an attempt at making a comic relief character. Okay, Warp’s gonna be a bit like Derpy in that he is clumsy but he doesn’t mean any harm…he just has some bad luck and is still learning how to control his teleportation abilities.

His teleportation ability is mainly based on his line of sight and luck on if it works properly or not.


I think you should give more a few more details, that’s not really a character

I know and apologize for the lazy way it is presented.

Vladin asked for me to post something at the very least by the end of the day and I made this as a placeholder to fill in with information once I figure out what would fit in with the Beast Era of G1 continuity but allow me to put my own spin on things. I’m used to working with Aligned Continuity and haven’t really touched G1 because of how messy it can be.

I literally made a Go-Bot, I’m sure he’ll be fine with whatever.


Unknown like you haven’t chose yet or you want to make him part of a new faction?

Skywarp was reformated into Cyclonus.

Yeah, as Traykar said, it looks pretty OK and pretty acceptable, although I would need a little more details.

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Transwarp doesn’t know that; he thinks they’re two separate people.

I haven’t figured out a faction yet. I want to say he was a Maximal who was sympathetic to the Predacons but I’m not sure that would work because he claims Skywarp is his ancestor.

Then the best solution would be to make him a Predacon.
Edit: so @BlackBeltGamer98, should I accept your character as a Predacon? That would be the only logical way in which he would consider himself tge descendent of Skywarp. I plan of releasing the rp soon.

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Yeah, that should work.

Do you need any other details or will just updating his Signup to say he’s a Predacon be all you need?


Well, his personality of course.