Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron

“How much was I asleep?”

“If I had to guess… 50,000 years?”

Demolishor covered his head in shock.

Scaleraker stepped back, preparing for whatever may happen.

“Tell me everything.”

“That, is a long story, with way to many loose ends and gaps. Are you sure?”

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“Yes, for Megatronus’ sake!”

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IC: He sighed. “Well, as far as we know, at some point, many of you were put into hibernation.” He explained. “Since then, the war as you knew it ended, to be replaced by two new factions, the Maximals and Predacons, descendants of the Autobots and Decepticons respectively. At some point, a facility similar to this one was destroyed by the decepticon Weirdwolf. Since then, the Maximals and Predacons have been clashing off and on for quite a while now. Until, the supposed final victory of the Maximals. Then, our Megatron reemerged, leading an army of drones, and waged a war against the remaining organics. He destroyed a majority of the Predacons and Maximals, and the survivors are now in hiding. Megatron now rules the planet.”

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IC: Demolishor, visibly confused, raised his finger to ask a question, before a blaster sounds could be heard from outside, distracting him and Sea Phantom.

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IC: “Slag.” Scaleraker muttered, and prepared for battle.

If he would look outside on the door, he could see the jet drones shooting at something.

Scaleraker stayed in the shadows, observing.

He would see that the drones were shooting at Halfshell, Weirdwolf, and the others.

Scaleraker waited for an opening to enter the fray.

Forager explains the situation, of how he and Drill Bit had hit a dead end in searching for Backstop, and the discovery of the Decepticon prison.

“…An’ if you thought that sounded bad enough,” the rat finishes, “some of ‘em are up an’ about, too.”

The drones were not expecting to be attacked from the lower levels.

He could hear her swearing in the background.
“OK. I want you to go there and scout the area till I make a plan.”

Scaleraker got beneath them, and looked for an opening.

“…You nuts, lady?” Forager asks.

The drones would have no form of protection for their underside.

“A few days ago the thought that we would be in this situation would make us seem nuts too.”

Scaleraker leapt up, and slashed at the drones.