Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron

“Not as well as Skywarp.” He said, explaining how he found he could install a mini-Transwarp drive and use it to teleport. The operation was, overall, successful but Transwarp was still having trouble controlling the new organ/component since, while his body was compatible with the tech, it was still something his body wasn’t used to doing…which led him to getting lost and/or stuck in things on occasion.

“How about you show me what you got?”

“I’ll try.” He said, “The closer and more I can see where I’m going, the better chance I have it will work.”

“Teleport to your right!”

Transwarp closes his eyes and focuses before looking at a clear spot about 5 paces to Scalpel’s right and tries to teleport there. He felt the drive activate and the nauseating feeling of it kicking in before he vanished and reappeared elsewhere in the room. He looks around, hoping he was accurate with the jump.

“Oh-oh-oh!” Scalpel laughs, looking at Transwarp. “And what about the Seeker design?”

“Modifications I made to look like my ancestor and it also made it easier to participate in war reenactments when they needed folks to play Seekers.” He explained before showing a picture of his pre-modded look. It did resemble a Seeker but there were noticeable differences that showed how things had changed since the War.

“Funny enough, the Seeker mods were way easier to get and adjust to than the drive.” He added.

“What do you think about becoming an actual Seeker, just like your ancestor? Skywarp would be proud of you, you know?”

“I don’t know if I’m compatible for that much of a reformatting as that does change around a lot of my internal systems.” He explained.

“I’m just trying to show some pride in my ancestry in trying to emulate Skywarp’s looks, alt mode and abilities.” He added, walking back over to Scalpel as he examines the wound left by the Doctor when he ripped out that chunk from his arm.

“But pal, you are extremely compatible with the role! No reformating needed! I am sure I can talk with Acid Storm for this! You will blend right in!”
The two Seekers behind him looked at each other before chuckling. At the end of the day Transwarp too just like any other Maximal and Predacon was quite shorter than the regular Decepticons.

“No offense, Doctor,” he said, “but I’m a bit short to blend in with you guys.” He walked near Acid Storm to show this to Scalpel.

OOC: Acid Storm isn’t there. There are only two generic Seekers.
IC: “So what if you’re short! Look at me! Do I look puny to you?”
The two Seekers forced themselves to not laugh.

“No, sir.” Transwarp answered.

“Exactly! So why don’t you join the Seekers? Size doesn’t matter! You could at least try it!”

Transwarp began thinking on this. Being part of the Decepticons could provide some firsthand experience with some of his ancestor’s compatriots but there was still a problem: Megatron and his legions of drones. Because of that, Cybertron wasn’t safe and he wanted to live out his days without having to constantly be on the run or looking over his shoulders to avoid getting snatched up and turned into an unfeeling Vehicon drone.

Oh, Primus, he thought, what do I do?

“Need time?”

Transwarp pondered on this for a couple minutes before finally saying something, “I am considering the offer but I feel I first need to explain something about the current situation of me and my friends.” He said.

“Your friends are currently under interrogation.”

“It’s about why we ended up in this place.” Transwarp said. He explained, as best he could, the theft of an Earth artifact called “The Golden Disc” and how a Predacon named Magatron, after the famous Decepticon leader, and a band of Predacons took it away from Cybertron and were pursued by a group of Maximals led by a descendant of Optimus Prime.

A long time had passed until Predacon Megatron suddenly returned and proceeded to invade and conquer Cybertron using some kind of virus that knocked out most of the population. Those that disappeared afterwards were only seen again as unfeeling, sparkless, mindless Drones whose numbers increased as more people vanished.

Transwarp explained he and his friends were looking for a way off Cybertron so they can live in peace without fear of being hunted down and becoming Vehicons.

“So this… Predacon Megatron… Is not our Megatron?”