Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron

OOC: Think you can pull up MS paint and sketch out a layout of the area real quick? it’s kinda hard judging these differences.

IC: He succeeds, and Scaleraker stops abruptly, fliping back, causing Scavenger to let go, but Scaleraker landed on his back. As if he had been clotheslined.

Molely chirps and revs up its blades.

Forager hides behind cover, occasionally peaking out to shoot at a charging Decepticon.

“We’re a little busy right now!” he shrieks into his comlink.

“Small problem.” Transwarp said as he quickly explained what he had seen in the prison regarding Backstop.

OOC: You are on a street at the edge of Iacon.
In front of you, about 200-300 meters away there is the hospital.
You are in the middle of the street, in front of the hospital.

“Ouch…” Scavenger said as he slowly tries to stand up.

In the meantime, Swift seemed to be having the better of Halfshell, being much more faster and agile than the bulky leader of the Seacons.

The two jump on its back.
“Now Molley! Go!” Manta said, pointing to the metal walls around them.

One by one the Mini-Cassettes fall to the ground, wounded or critically damaged. However, Forager might hear a series of loud footsteps coming up to him, as Sixshot was ascending on the stairs in his wolf mode, anger visible in his bloody red eyes.

“I know! You told that to me before! Do not let them to take the program from them! Do not let them to do that under any circumstance! It’s the only way for us to find the Oracle!”

Meanwhile, Scalpel finished throwing the needed components of Backstop’s brain back into his skull, as he started melding his head together as fast as he could.

The fight between Shockwave’s loyalists and the army of Seekers continued. Shockwave jumped in the air and turned himself in his gun mode, as he shoot at the three incoming Coneheads, sending them falling to the ground level of the prison. Soundblaster was shooting at several Seekers attacking him.
Darkwing was slowly creeping out of the battlefield, as he approached the room where Slyther was fighting Scorponok. There he found Acid Storm and Nova storm, trying to help their leader Straxus to stand up after the hit in the head that he got from Slyther.
“The… Map to the Oracle?” Straxus tried to say.
“It’s at Scorponok, don’t worry.” Acid Storm told him, without seeing Darkwing approaching.

Slyther hissed and tried to bite off Scorponok’s leg again.

OOC: *claw
IC: Due to how close Scorponok’s other hand was of Slyther’s head when he tried to catch it, Slyther would successfully byte Scorponok right in one of his weak spots between the claw and the lower arm plating. The scorpion screamed in pain as he tried to throw Slyther off his claws.

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OOC: That doesn’t really help me, but thanks for trying.

IC: Scaleraker pickes himself up, and continues running to assist Halfshell.

While Scaleraker was dealing with Scavenger, Swift lost most of her energy in her fight with Halfshell. She gulped when she realised how angry she made the Seacon. He rose above her, loading his two cannons and preparing to shoot her into oblivion, before a thought suddenly formed in her head. She crunched down, took Halfshell’s sword from the ground, and in a blink of an eye she slashed with it in front of Halfshell’s face, cutting off the barrels of the two cannons. The cannons exploded, as they covered the already destroyed room in a thick cloud of smoke and debris.

“Slag!” Scaleraker said, sprinting to the room, jumping through a broken window, assuming he wasn’t hindered along the way.

As he would enter inside the cloud of dust would settle down, revealing a heavily damaged Halfshell.
“Where is… she?” he angrily asked, before suddenly the blade of his own sword penetrating through his chest from behind.
“Right here, sharkman.” Swift jokingly said as she kicked Halfshell in the back, letting him fall to the ground.

Scaleraker took an opportunity to try and distract Swift.

“Oy! Slagger! Over here!”

“Hello Scaleraker.” she calmly says.

“I think he’s about beat, ready for round two?”

“I am, but you aren’t. You have two options: keep standing in our way, and your friend dies…” she said, pointing to the impaled Halfshell, breathing heavily and Energon spilling all over the floor from his wound. “…or get him into a CR Chamber and save his life. Come on now, this is a hospital. It’s clear that this is the reason you came here in the first place.”

OOC: What if this is the hospital Scaleraker took Skyblazer to before the doctors told him that she died?

“Isn’t it your ‘objective’ to take him and the other seacons?”

OOC: Wouldn’t it be in predacon territory though?

OOC: I don’t think it matters.
IC: “I can always come later for him. Besides, 10 sparks instead of 5 is always a plus, especially for my first mission.”
Outside, Scavenger helped Nitro to stand up, as they both looked at Scavenger and groaned menaciously.
“So what are you going to choose, hero?”

Slyther tried to inject venom, before being thrown off of the claws.

Scaleraker hefted Halfshell over his shoulder, and stood up.

“I appreciate the deference ma’am” Scaleraker said with a nod, before sprinting away into the hospital.

Scorponok shrieks in pain, as green vapors start flying out of his wound as a result of the venom.
OOC: What is the venom doing, more precisely?
IC: “Son of a—” Nova Storm started as he pointed his blaster at Slyther, before Darkwing, from his hideout in the shadows of the hallway, shot him in the chest.
“What is the meaning of—” Acid Storm asked, before he was also shot in the elbows and fell to the ground.

“I love how you humiliated Nitro!” she yelled as Scaleraker left.
“It’s Nitro… godslag… Zeus!” Nitro struggled to yell from his spot, barely standing up.
“You don’t need that area to transform! Now load up as many bots as you can and let’s leave! Now!” Swift ordered the two.

ooc: It’d just poison him, it’d go straight to his allspark and begin to corrode it.

Slyther searched for the USB on Scorponok.