Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron

Halfshell said nothing.

“I thought she was dead. I thought I failed. But… now… to find out she’s alive.”

Halfshell kept listening, without saying anything.

“But, she’s a vehicon. Does the personality underneath, alter how the vehicon acts? Is that why she let us leave? As a mercy?” Scaleraker asked no one in particular.

Halfshell did not respond.

"Are you alright?’ He asked Halfshell.

Halfshell was silent.

Scaleraker looked at Halfshell. “Hrm?”

No response.

“Are you okay?” He asked again.

Halfshell raised a chair from the ground and put it at the table, before sitting down on him.

Scaleraker raised an eyebrow.

With a sigh, Halfshell finally started talking.
“They took them all. They took all my Seacons. Terrormander’s dead. Scylla, Coelagon and Sea Phantom were sent to the slaughter house. There is nothing more I can do. It’s only me that remained. I am not even going to dare to still count you as a Seacon.”

“Not yet they haven’t. I’m going to go after them, right after I meet this Oracle Manta wants me to see.”

“By then they will already be dead. Your girlfriend-turned-Vehicon would put their heads on plates. And this also includes the Vehicons, your turtle friend and the poor, innocent Weirdwolf.” he said, obviously saddened, for the first time since Scaleraker met him.

“You think Megatron is gonna waste perfectly good sparks? He’s not going to slaughter them for his own pleasure. He needs sparks for the generals, and that means they will be alive for a good while.”

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“Look around you! Look at the planet around you! All the millions of millions of Transformers dead! What do you think will make him spare my Seacons?”

Forager quickly leaps onto Transwarp, clinging to the bot tightly.

“Get us outta here!” he shouts.

“Charge! Kill them!” Hun-Grrr yelled as he and his band of Decepticons approached them from behind.
Sixshot jumped in the air, only meters away from landing on top of the group.
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Slyther twisted out of the way mid-air.