Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron

His legs would end up retracted on his back. Manually turning him back to his robot mode would be a slow, but possible process.

“For the exact reason you just mentioned. He’s slaughtered thousands of transformers. There just aren’t that many sparks to go around. Sparkless drones can’t do everything. Besides, if he wanted them dead, why would he go through the trouble of capturing them? It would be vastly more efficient for him to kill them here.”

Slyther began to force Scorponok back to robot mode.

Halfshell was silent.
“They left me here.” he eventually said. “And also you.”

His legs would eventually fold back down.

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Slyther looked for the hatch on the left leg, trying to pry it open.

It would easily get opened.

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Slyther took out the USB, then moved over to Backstop.

"And THAT’s what I don’t understand. That general, Swift, she allowed us to go. I don’t understand it!’ Scaleraker pounded a fist on the table.

As Backstop would throw Darkwing into a wall, punching him madly, Slyther would find Backstop laying on the table, still uncounscious.

“And… Your friend…” he said pointing to tge folder, referencing what Scaleraker said earlier.

“I can’t say for certain, but things line up too perfectly. If it’s true though, I would imagine death to be preferably.”

He stood up.
“We have to go and rescue them.”

“I’ll be happy to do so, but we’ll have to take detour first. Besides, we need a plan.”

“Detour?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Manta wanted me to come, meet her and go to the Oracle whatever the slag that is. I told her to hold on until I could get you patched up. I figured that we could meet this oracle, and grab whoever wanted to come. We’'l need all the help we can get.”

“Under no circumstance I am going to wait this long to save my Seacons!”

“I don’t like it either, but I’ve got an obligation to that crew as well. Besides, we can’t just run in there with no plan. We are but 2 bots, we can’t fight an entire vehicon army.”

“And what if we never return for them? You’ve been in my mind! You know what they mean for me!” Halfshell said. Scaleraker would, for the second time in less than half of hour, see another feeling that he never saw at Halfshell since he met him: despair.

“I know! I don’t like it either, but we cannot simply just charge in there! We’ll die if we try that, and then it’s guaranteed we’ll never save them, but if wait for a short time, we might just have a shot.”

“You still haven’t answered me: what if we never return to save them?!” he yelled, slapping his hands on the table.

“If that happens then we’re dead! I’m not abandoning them, if that’s what you’re worried about! We’ll rescue them, or die trying.”