Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron

“Because I can give him what he wants. The biggest group of survivors left. Bunch of lunatics that think they’re gonna find the Oracle. I met them a while ago after months of isolation. I did nothing but stick my neck out for them, and how am I repaid? They throw me out like yesterday’s trash. If they don’t like me as an ally, then they’ll have to deal with me as an enemy.”
She lunges again.
“I am the apex predator of this city! And anyone who tries to cross me like that is going to suffer!”
She shouted, seemingly more mentally unstable than usual.

Gigatread said nothing.

“Brother?” Manta said, a glimpse of hope in her voice.
“I… I am sorry sis…” Drill Bit said, saddened. “I really wanted to sacrifice back there, ya know that. But even I, stupid as I am, don’t want to break the band entirely…”
Manta opened her mouth to say something, before suddenly closing it. She reverted to her manta mode and flew away without letting anything go past her.
“Sorry guys…” Beetle said, before transforming and following Manta on the ground, likely towards the Oracle.

Transwarp, sadly follows. “I’ll come back…for you guys.” He said to Razorclaw and the others on the comlink.

“So now what?” Beetle asks the two on the ground.
“Now we find Scaleraker, and then we leave.” Manta coldly says, as she once again tried to call in Scaleraker.

Hemorrhage holds his arms out in front of him to protect his torso from Razorclaw’s… uh, claws, backing away while doing so, toward God Neptune (@Toa_Vladin @ProfSrlojohn)

“Along with a bot who was trying to save you?” Hemorrhage grunts, referring to himself, of course.

Forager was still and silent, having hit both a crossroads and a crisis of conscience. On one hand, Manta had the map to the Oracle- and after she got whatever it was she wanted from that thing, it was next stop: anywhere but here. The whole reason he’d stuck with these guys in the first place. He could just go with her, and he’d be outta here; why should he care if some of them were stupid enough to stay behind.

Why did he care that some of them would be left behind?

Beside him, Moley warbles something he couldn’t understand.

“Come on,” Forager says to it, burying his feelings. “We gotta go with ‘em; I don’ like the idea of Razorclaw runnin’ off an’ joining the other team, but it’s not like we’d know where to start lookin’ for her. It’d be a waste of time.”

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“I can handle myself. You’re a means to an end.”
Her claws cut deep, slashing and ripping at his arms. She lashes out with her jaws, trying to bite at his neck.

“I… Suppose.”
Gigatread said reluctantly.

“You sure?”

Hemorrhage falls over onto his back, crying out as Razorclaw’s claws cut into his arms. Transforming into his vehicle mode, his tires screech as he backs away toward God Neptune (@Toa_Vladin)

Forager nods his head.

The predacon stays dug in. Leaping off for just a moment so she wasn’t tangled into his mechanisms, before getting right back on.

God Neptune, having now beaten off most of the Vehicon attack, was now freer to help or at least listen to Hemorrhage if he was to request his help.

“All right then!” Drill Bit exclaimed, visibly happy that he will get to make up with his sister.
He turned to his bug mode and ran away in the direction that the three headed to, expecting everybody else to follow.
It just so happened that they were all heading towards the sieged neighbourhood.

Hemorrhage, now near enough to God Neptune for the giant to take notice of him, transforms to robot mode, the shifting of parts dislodging Razorclaw as the maximal medic clenches his right fist. Blue light spreads over the gashes on his limbs as they begin to close.

“Look, I don’t want to hurt you,” he grunts, “But I don’t really have much incentive not to, at the moment.”

Forager hears the battle raging as he and Moley approach the neighborhood.

“Okay, I can see why she decided to bolt outta there,” the rat comments, to which Moley replies with a disapproving buzz.

" ‘Ey, I’m not agreein’ with her," he quickly clarifies. "Just, y’know, speakin’ as a fellow survivor…"

On the road there Manta was admittedly surprised that the group changed its mind so quickly, but decided to not say anything. Beetle was sharing virtually every one of her feelings.
When the survivors arrived at the entrance in the neighbourhood Manta turned to her robot mode and landed in a small park of metal grass sticking out of the ground and ironed trees standing still in the way of the wind.
“So. You decided to follow me after all…” she told the group as she moved her gaze to each and every one of them.

“Don’ get all weepy,” Forager says. “I still ain’t thrilled about all this, but it ain’t like I got another choice.”

“Just shut up and follow me.” Manta sayd, before turning to God Neptune, the combiner visible down the street. Hemorrhage, Razorclaw, Megatron and the like however were barely visible from the distance, tho it was obvious that God Neptune was fighting some Vehicons. “There he is. We just have to go there, protect himself of the Vehicons and get the hell out of here.” she said, before turning to the group. “Transwarp and I make it from above. You the others just go there and kill all the Vehicons at Neptune’s feet. Got it?”

“Funny, because I really want to hurt you.”
She quickly changed to robot mode and loaded a stun cartridge, firing repeatedly at Hemorrhage.

“Sure,” Forager sighs.

“What’s one more shootin’ gallery, eh?”

With that, he and Moley charge toward the vehicons, the mole drone’s blades screaming as the machine belches tongues of flame upon the vehicons. Forager deploys his pistols and shoots at a nearby drone.

Hemorrhage dodges the stun cartridge, raising his own rifle as the successive shots pelt his armor. He clenches his right fist to activate his repair ray, mending the wounds as he fires a burst of hard light at Razorclaw.

Drill Bit and Beetle would both follow him.
As they approached, they could see everybody: from the Vehicon generals, to Megatron, to the rogue Vehicons and Razorclaw fighting Hemorrhage.

All the shooting next to his foot would distract God Neptune’s attention, as he turned to the fighting two.

Razorclaw shifted to beast mode and dodged most the shots, though one hit her in the shoulder. She then saw the others coming closer, and lost it.
“D@mmit! D@mmit! D@mmit! D@mmit! I’d like for things to go my way just one slagging time!”
She jumped at Hemorage, everything she had out and ready to tear out his throat.

“The hell are you doing?” God Neptune asked.
The combiner most likely new her, as three of his components were knowing her also.

“I’m doing what I fracking have to!”
She snarled.
“Now back off before I go up there and rip out your fracking optics!”