Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron

“And luckily, the Oracle can clarify everything.”

“I plan to essssscape.”

“I’m still not giving up this look; I made a lot of sacrifices to achieve it.” Transwarp said, continuing to follow the rhino bot.

“Escape?” he asked, sceptical.

“I’m sorry… You’ll have to.”

“Why?” He asked, “You said earlier that we will feel as if we have new bodies, not anything about actually having us adopt new bodies.” He said.

He sighed.
“You’ll all see.”

“Yesss.” Slyther affirmed.
“I wish to lead a normal life.”

“Well obviously you will not be able to do it here.”

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“What exactly was said in that message this guy sent you?” Transwarp asked Manta Ray in a whisper.

“Uhm… That his higher up has selected me, that I can find him at these coordinates, that I should take as many civilians as I can with me, that he can help me get off Cybertron to safe spot, why are we whispering?”

“That I should take as many civilians as I can with me, that he can help me get off Cybertron to a safe spot, things like this!” the hostile Maximal told Inferno and Balstcharge.
“That’s it?” Inferno asked.
“Well, thank you for the information. And for the coordinates.” Inferno said, raising his blaster to the Maximal’s head. “Now BUUUUURRRRN!!!” he said, burning the poor Maximal alive.

“Because, as clearly as this guy tries to answer our questions, it feels like he’s not telling us everything.” He replied, “and I’m not entirely sure we’re safe.”

“I don’t know… I kinda trust him. Maybe this “Oracle” will explain us more about our mission or something. I don’t know. At this point I just want to get off this planet in one piece.”

“See, comrade Blastcharge? This is how you gain valuable information!” Inferno said as the poor Maximal was yelling in pain.
“You sure the contact person sent messages to only two people?” Blastcharge asked, still a little confused by what just happened.
“Yes. He and Manta Ray. Manta seem to have accepted the offer, and as you just heard, this guy denied it.”
“Now what? Go to Megatron?”
“No, comrade. We must continue for the better good of the royalty! It just so happens that the coordinates he gave us are not all that far away!”
“So… Maybe he was going there after all…” Blastcharge said, piecing one to one together.
“Probably.” Inferno said as he transformed and left the facility,

“You and me both.” Transwarp said nervously, feeling like it was oddly quiet.

“So are we gonna get movin’ some time soon?” Forager asks. “Can’t say I’d love to stand ‘round all day an’ chat.”

She nodded, as she flew forward.

OOC: I said multiple times that the group was moving forward, following Backstop.

IC: Blastcharge sighed.
“Why Blastcharge always has to follow idiots?” he said, as he transformed and started following Inferno in his hunt for Manta’s group.

“So, we gonna get to this Oracle thing some time soon?” Forager asks, impatient.


Scaleraker fell back form the rest of the group. He got in line with the Seacons. “Are you okay?” he asks Halfshell.

Transwarp did his best to keep up.

“I hope so.” he said.

“Why you call?” Halfshell stoically asked.

“All of you guys have been holding back.”