Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron

“Why shouldn’t we?” Scylla mocked him.

“Hey,” He says, giving her a disappointed look, “We’re all in this together.”

Somewhere within an abandoned building, Direwolf went to work Incorporating the Large blaser into his systems.

“We’re in this beacause of you!”

He would need an engineer specialist from this world.

“Blasted technology,” he growled, examining the device for any sort of controls.

Even if he would learn how to use it, the technology would be extremely different of the one from the Gobot universe.

“Woah woah woah! Where did you get that idea lady!?”

“Call me lady and I’ll make my tentacles to…”
“Scylla! We talked about it!” Halfshell said, to which Scylla stopped.

“So…” Mirage said, looking at the ghost levitating next to him. “How do you plan to defeat Megatron?”
“I don’t know. You’re the leader.” Starscream said, folding his arms."
“Maybe an… army? Can you do to others what you did to me?”
“Duh. Obviously.”
“Well then… I detect a dozen of life signatures not too far away. They don’t seem to be from one of the resistences.”
Starscream shrugged. “As good of a start as any.”

“Thanks” Scaleraker chuckles. “but seriously though, if you guys have a problem with me, I’d like to resolve it.”

Halfshell rolled his eyes.

“Whatever happened to good old point and shoot?” Direwolf grumbled.

Scaleraker grabs Halfshell’s shoulders. “I’m serious. The only way we’re going to make it out of this is we cooperate, and we can’t do that if you have a bone to pick.”

Direwolf would see what seemed to be a heavily upgraded robot and a… ghost not too far away.

“Get your dirty hands off me!”

“not until you tell me what the problem is!” He replies calmly.

He aimed his two cannons at his head.
“Do I need to repeat myself?”

Forager draws his pistols again.

“Y’all, can we do this later?” he sighs.

“Timing’s a bit inconvenient right now, ain’t it?”

“Go ahead. Blast me. I won’t stop you” He said looking calmly into his eyes. “But I don’t think you will.”

The other four pointed their weapons at him.

Halfshell chuckled, as the the barrels started shining brightly.
“You have no idea.”

“Do I?” He raises an eyebrow.

Forager hangs his head.

“Oh for bootin’ up cold…” he sighs.