Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron

The cannons started humming. Unless Scaleraker would move, he would get killed.

Direwolf narrowed his eyes and gripped his gun.

He stood there. Staring at him. His eyes boring into Halfshell’s.

The two didn’t seem to observe him. They were too far away.

Halfshell shot.

OOC: crud. It wasn’t a bluff. Now I have to find a way to make him survive, but I probably won’t.

Direwolf noticed this and backed off.

OOC: You can always say that he moved away in the last moment.

IC: As he did so, he would hear motorbyke drones in the distance behind him.

OOC: I know but it would kind of ruin the whole unerring trust thing… Hrm… interesting predicament.

Direwolf quickly transformed into his alt mode and speed off.

The two did not saw him, but he would soon be followed by two Bike Drones.

Direwolf quickly turned around and drove right at the drones.

Just before he shot, Scaleraker could tell by the look in his eyes that he was going to shoot. He turned Halfshell just enough for the blast to miss his head. Scaleraker turned Halfshell back. He looked hurt and disappointed. “I thought you seemed like an honorable individual. Seems like I was wrong.” He turned away and continued following Backstop.

They slowed down, confused.

“You have no idea what honour is!”

“Really?” asked Scaleraker. “What is your definition?”

OOC: How was my work around? Tolerable?

Direwolf sped up, going faster and faster.

He scoffed and continued forward.

The two opened fire.

“Listen to me.” he says as he glares at Halfshell. “What is your deal?”

Direwolf took the hits and kept going.

Transwarp tried to see if anything was being picked up by his scanners. (General radar that’s standard for flight; it’s short range but sufficient for air travel)

“I think you should listen to us.” Beetle said in his insect mode, standing on the side of the mole drone next to him. “That guy obviously has issues. You better don’t tick him off.”

The two slowly started backing away.

He couldn’t detect any iminant threat.