Mafia game!

Hey, let’s play Mafia!

the kinds of players:

  1. Mafia, 2 of these and will have to decide together who will die
  2. doc. there will be 1 of these and can save people
  3. postal worker, when they die they take 1 person down with them (just put a reply)
  4. detective, the way to find out who is mafia
  5. towns person, who is nobody special

How to play:

  1. sign up by saying “sign up” or “SU” (if any of these are in a post, u will be signed up and we will need at least 10 people) and i will tell you what u are. DO NOT SAY WHAT YOU ARE!!!
  2. on the day of the event i will say “mafia choose” witch means the mafia will privet-message me who will die. i will say who lives
  3. i will say “doc choose” witch means the doc will privet-message me who will be saved. IF the doc chose the person the mafia chose, that person lives.
  4. i will say “detective choose”, and the detective will privet message me who they want to know about, and i will message back “yes” or “no” so you know who the mafia is
  5. the towns people choose who will die with the town meeting. i will say what the person was that died
  6. repeat

it will be on Saturday, June 20 1:00 mountain daylight time. NO signing up past 12:00 mountain daylight time

questions? privet-message me

You poor soul. Everyone already got pretty burnt out on Mafia a while ago.


Alright, le’s do this.

This topic is now listed. It will be displayed in topic lists.

Mafia game is reopened for business.


thank you

Great, more mafia.

I guess I’ll sign up.

I sign up.

we will postpone this game until we have 10 people, and then give it one more week for people to sign up

3 months later…

I’ll sign up.

Nearly 9 months later since last post…

I’ll sign up!


I’m not sure if this is actually going to happen.

This was started by @TBT_Yuedom back when we shared an account. It’s up to him if it actually happens.

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Hey, if this ever happens, I’ll sign up

I suppose it can happen, if people sign up, but I’ll make some changes to the game to make it more… Interesting.

P.S. This is a sign-up topic with some history.

I love a good waiting game.

Sign me up.

I’ll sign up!

I will sign up

I’ll sign up

Hey, look! Almost enough people to start! And it’s been only over a year!
2 more positions to sign-up.
If we can get the Mods permission, we might be able to be the next game!

I’ll sign up