Mafia Revival

The quaint village awoke from a night of fulfilling sleep, happy with their peaceful existence outside of the influence of evil forces. However this existence would be shattered at exactly 9:25 AM that day, as an unfortunate traveller managed to pick out a finger bone out of the patty of the tavern’s egg and sausage breakfast biscuit. Not long after the body of @Chronicler would be picked out of the rest of the cranberry pie, and the traveller would be admitted to the hospital with a case of salmonella and severe food poisoning. Hours later four of the villagers would be brought up as suspects, notable for all having private access to the meat grinder used to make the sausage at some point in the past 24 hours.

@Invader39: The village vegan, professional sausage maker, and pig raiser, he often has expressed his discontent with the existence of meat. Brings his own meat to the meat grinder whenever the supply is running low.
@Jakanader: The health inspector, he does his job diligently and inspects the tavern in full suit and tie every day before the tavern opens. Claims to have a brief case with the equipment to catch every health infraction.
@Racie02: The obsessively clean janitor, she cleans the entire restaurant almost religiously every morning. Usually the first to arrive for the reason of “making sure the tavern starts the day as the cleanest place to get your food,” in her words.
@Leoxander: The chef, he oversees the cooking of all the tavern’s foodstuff and also keeps up with the meat grinder in the back room.

Well, time to accuse a subject and put him or her to hang. Might take a while for me to get back into the swing of things, so excuse me if this is too difficult or too easy.

1. @Holi
2. @Racie02
3. @jayzor17
4. @TheMOCingbird
5. @Invader39
6. @_el
7. @Jcton
8. @Leoxander
9. @Political_Slime
10. @Willess12
11. @Whaddon
12. @Tuaro
13. @Zero
14. @Chronicler
15. @Hawkflight
16. @Ghid
17. @Jakanader


I think the bigger question right now is why a Vegan makes pork sausages?

but yet, if the body of Chronk was found Inside more than just the biscuit, I think it’s safe to put Invader off the list…

Leoxander is the most suspicious right now, as he would have access to the food…

But then Jakander seems suspicious, he would have access to the kitchen and could slip in Chronks segmented body via the briefcase (it would also be good reasoning as to why the person contracted salmonella, as the case didn’t have the proper tools in it

and Racie seems clean to me as of right now, her OCD (?) would be put into question, plus she doesn’t seem like the person to put human parts inside food

I shall hold my vote for now until others have an idea on whodunnit?


Well I was afraid this would happen.


At this point I would also have to agree that Jakanader is the most suspicious.

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I’m voting slime

Can’t trust those shifty eyes


Imma vote Leo

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I think I vote Racie02, can’t trust the janitor.

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For y’all voting, I’d point out that Invader is both a vegan and a sausage maker who raises pigs. Doesn’t like meat, but isn’t afraid to bring his pigs for supply.

…Or is it his pigs? It just says Meat…


How dare you assume my meat preference.


Wait what happened I was asleep

I’m going to say @Leoxander; How would he not notice the human meat in the food he was cooking?

how does one both be a vegan discontent with meat, and a professional sausage maker? Sounds pretty hypocritical unless he’s making tofu sausages.

If that’s the case, murder wouldn’t be that far from his skewed moral code. So I vote @Invader39.


That does raise a bit of a suspicion. Now I’m torn between Leo and Invader. You messed with my mind, young man.
But until I make up my mind, I’ll stick with Leo.

after some considering I shall be voting for Health Inspector Jakander

not only does he have a way of putting the body in the food and getting it into the kitchen, but when he’s a health inspector, he could find out if someone won’t be paying them protection or trying to rebel


I could? How?

If you’re talking about how you could hide the body, simple: you have a briefcase. You could sever up his body, then take it with you into the tavern

and regarding information finding, only some people would be a suspicious of a health inspector being a mafioso and would plan of trying to stop you guys, Chronk may have been one of those people.

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Same could be said of anyone else. Who would suspect a chef, for example, of being a member of the Mafia?

I suppose I’ll vote for Jakanader.

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I think leoxander is the most likely, who else could make the pie


How dare you copy my logic!/s