Magista God of All Universes

Being the Ultra main villain for The Legends of Mythron

Magista is one of three siblings that created all possible Universes and on top of his Planet cannon he is untouchable due to the invisible forcefield he has surrounding him

Unlike Nibiru, Magista is 4ft high with a skull for face

and no he is NOT a bootleg version of Alieraah’s Lady Void just cause the colours are the same doesnt mean he is
and so here he is


The planet cannon is kinda weird. It’s cobbled together and looks more like a cylinder of corpses rather than a cannon. System plating would help.

Magista’s arm feels a little too long for him or his legs are just squatting. He’s covered in spikes. The little wedges of back armor feel awkward, as do his shoulder pauldrons because they look so cumbersome.


He’s pretty cool, I just don’t like how you only used one transparent bone for the upper legs. I might just be looking at it wrong, but it doesn’t look very stable.

He is evil and smol. I love him.


While I like the color scheme, the MOC feels very cluttered, just like there’s a bit too much going on.

That said, I love the colors.

Puny little God :stuck_out_tongue: /s

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Edited title for punctuation - Chilly

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A bit cluttered, but besides that, this is pretty good.

This is great, I just wish your writing was better, because MY GOD is this cool to look at. I’d be willing to help you with that if you’d like, because LOM has so much potential.

I was expecting something like this

But it’s ok cause this is amazing

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Looks neat, though a bit messy. Too much going on here TBH.

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It seems like you had a really nice build going on…and then slapped on a ton of extra parts for no reason. :confused: The stand (the “planet cannon”) is especially messy, and just looks like a ton of parts slapped together.

Just try to clean up the MOC and fill in the gaps on the cannon, and this MOC could be pretty good.


I really like this build - the trans blue looks like energy seeping from the metal body of the character itself. Also, what is that base supposed to represent?

A cool build, but make him a little taller, with Skull Grinder feet. He looks a little stubby like that. Also, clean up the cannon a little.

Still really cool though!


I hate to be that guy but regardless of what you said in the OP…

…he’s the same colors as Lady Void, has a similar concept to Lady Void, has a similar aesthetic to Lady Void and has a very similar stand to Lady Void.

TL:DR I don’t think he’s fully original.

Still, he’s pretty cute. Doesn’t look the part but he’s cute.


Oooh nice! i like the stand!

Actually, come to think of it, this MOC has one thing in common - that being the color-scheme. I would go as far as to say that it is inspired by her to say the very least.

The legs ar way to smal

I love the pedestal but the figure is sorely lacking. It’s kinda dumpy and rather unimpressive.

It’s still possible to compensate useing gray or black technic pieces.

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