Majestic league (RP sign ups)

I’m assuming you meant leader. If that’s true, I recommend @Mctoran/Gamemaster as the leader.

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@Antroz2007 accepted

Alright then @Mctoran is now the co host and the leader of the villians side I will discuss more details with you soon

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So he will be the leader of the villains?


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When will the RP start?

Right now that is undecided but after I make the time to discuss the details with the co leader and after we get at least one or two more heroes to sign up. But it will start no later than Sunday

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I am curious how the RP will get out to be

Name: Mark
Alias: none
Abilities: during intense or emotional moments, Mark will “go berserk” and blackout. He does not recall what happens during these blackouts.
Weapons: A long copper sword and shield
Faction: Hero. However, he won’t let anyone stand in the way of his revenge.
Description: muscular, wears some armor, and carries his weapons over his back.
Bio: after participating in a tournament hosted by the gamemaster in an effort to win money for his family, Mark was brutally shot to death by scrapper(@Mr.Monopoly). The gamemaster recovered his body, and experimented on Mark, turning him into a brutal, violent monster. He was eventually returned to normal. After being outcast by his village, Mark is left with no purpose in life, other than to take his revenge and kill the gamemaster.

Name: Berserker
Alias: none
Abilities: regeneration and great combat skills.
Weapons: a large, barbaric weapon that resembles a hybrid of a warhammer and a war axe. It can absorb shock forces and projectiles, then use them against other people. There are also Wolverine claws at the ends of his arms that can shred through almost anything.
Faction: mindless monster. He has no loyalty to anyone and sees everyone as a threat. He wouldn’t hesitate to kill anyone, whether they be hero or villain.
Description: Very large and Very muscular. Heavily armored from head to toe, and has four arms.
Bio: As a result of the gamemaster’s experimentation, Mark will transform into this being whenever he “goes berserk”. Beserker is viewed is a separate entity that inhabits Mark’s body, which is why Mark doesn’t recall his experiences while transformed into Beserker.

Name: Salim Khan
Aliases: Dust Devil
Faction: Heroes
Abilities & Weapons: The ability to manipulate large amounts of sand.
Description: Tall, broad, and muscular, with dark skin and eyes. His costume consists of a smooth mask to protect himself from the sand, and a vest that stores sand for him to use.
Bio: Formerly a villain that went by the name Khan, he terrorized a desert region to the east with his power. Once caught and faced with a prison sentence, he begrudgingly agreed to change sides and uphold the law. He crossed the world and was made to change his name and costume in an effort to distance his current actions from his new identity, to an unfortunate end.

I’ll be rescinding my previous character, as I have a much better idea for one;
Name: Dave Scott
Other aliases: the infiltrator
Abilities/weapons: shapeshifting, sniper rifle, and a saber
Faction: antihero
Description or picture:dark casual suit, with monocle that functions as a long range scope. Typically wears a long coat. Has a short beard
Bio: he shows up shoots whoever he’s paid to and disappears though he tends to have a sense of morality when taking jobs

This is already twesday. How much we need to wait for it?

I wouldn’t blame him for waiting until the 4th, because I think all the RPs are still getting closed on that date. There’s no sense in having an RP up for a day or two before it’s closed.


oh yeah @Runa will we, @Mctoran, and @Mr.Monopoly act like we know each other?

@Runa’s character is a completely new character, so he doesn’t count. However, as for you, me and @Mr.Monopoly’s characters, we will know each other, as we have interacted in a previous RP.

What about me? Will My character know about the super heroes or the villains?

Only if the other players give you permission to. I cannot speak on their behalf, so I can’t give you the answer.

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No problem.

I’d be open to something like that. Maybe you could remember Sadie or know something? Of course the details are up to you if you want

I’d think that most people would have at least heard about each other, since they are heroes/villains who did heroic/villainous things. The ones who brought it up, however, are all using characters who met in a previous RP, and are continuing their character interactions as if this was a sequel to them.

However it isn’t my call, it’s up to the GM