Majestic league (RP sign ups)

When will this be starting?


I was asking this too. @Shadowrockboy190 said that it will be no more than the previous Sunday. It is wendsday already and it didn’t start!

Especially since now it’d be up for literally less than a day.

But again, just my theory, it’d help if @Shadowrockboy190 would clarify himself.

you should check it out with the GM first

Okay, I edited the post.

My bad fellas there have been some recent events in my life so I’m gonna have to delay it for a little longer just hang in there!


Whoaa… We need to wait so much…

i think it’ll be worth it

Name: Solomon Key
Other aliases: Switchblade
Abilities/weapons: Solomon Key is made up of scraps - literal junk - which is magnetized to a specific frequency to cling only to his theoretical magnetic form. As long as he can get his “hands” on it, he can magnetize anything metal to his frequency and move it around like part of him body. Most of the time, his metal scraps inhabit a mostly inconsistent form which looks like a slug with small, mechanical arms with his head resting on op - in this form, he’s roughly six feet tall - but can be manipulated to take any form, ever meshing different parts of the metal together to form shields, swords, anything with a blade. All his metallic pieces are razor sharp, so even brushing up against him is a terrible idea.
However, is metallic control is not unlimited, and if he is separated from his body by too great a distance, he will have no control over them. Cracking open his tiny metallic skull is easier said than done, as that part of him is made with an experimental metal far stronger than steel which even Berserker’s claws would have trouble putting a dent it.
Faction: None… For now. He has a fragile moral compass, but it does exist, to be manipulated for the better or the worse.
Description or picture: Solomon Key’s main form is a metal blob, a mass of mixing shards of steel. The only consistent part of his body is a slightly rusted metal sphere with a crooked jaw line ad two glowing orange eyes sunken in behind a pair of rust-coated, thick metal eyebrows. That is the main part of his body, and he manipulates the rest of his body from there.
Bio: Solomon Key was made by a busy engineer with the hopes of cleaning up metal scraps around his workplace - but after fourteen months of neglect, some of the man’s coworkers entered the shop and toyed with his creation, giving him an ugly face and tossing him in the corner. But Switchblade had been busy - every tool in the shop was his to control. He had a a rapid escape after the police found the bodies of the two coworkers stuffed in a recycling dumpster, and he started from the ground up, collecting scraps to serve as a new body and weapon for him.


So how much longer? It’s been past a week and still nothing.

That’s what I was thinking. It’s already been 3 weeks!

Is this still happening?

Seriously, it’s been 4 weeks. Where’s the RP?


YEAH! @Shadowrockboy190, do it!!! You are holding us waiting for weeks! Let’s revolt, guys! Jk

You know what, screw this! I’m using my power as the co-GM to take executive action! I am starting the RP!


power to the people!!!


@Ghidora131 @jayzor17 accepted.

Name: G7+III
Other aliases: Ideruba, Ike, Lilith
Overall Info:
A humanoid Android with skin that seems to be made of layered pieces of metal compressed on top of each other in a way that almost emulates muscles. The body can ■■■■■ to change the overall shape of the body but G7 is structurally the same. It can ■■■■■ to fit outdated ports for data but lacks the ability to modify itself to access more modern ports. Despite the body being mostly made of iron, it can’t be magnetized other than by strong sources.
The color and appearance of the body are done via refraction of light. His main distinction from a normal person is the appearance of his eyes. They appear to look like panels into the robot similar to the rest of his body. Within dark areas, G7 will appear a dark metallic grey, making his body look like a single color.
His body is generally as durable as a regular human would be.

G7 has three main things that he has to do to keep running at its best performance.

  1. G7 to consume blood to live as it has to circulate through his body to keep energy running through it
  2. It has to drink some sort of burnable oil or gasoline to burn for energy or use high amounts of electricity.
  3. The robot carries three personalities uploaded via floppy disks and put into the Android. These personalities act as an inhibitor to keep the robot human and to regulate functions of the robot. Without these disks, it can’t control itself. The disks cycle through themselves to run through G7. These disks are nicknamed ‘Umbras’.

Synthetic Core 88: Did I say I like references
The first thing that made to be put into the android. It acts as the main processor and engine while giving G7 its power. The core shares the same name as the power.
Core 88 allows G7 to ‘awaken’ aspects of the environment from certain time periods including the future, the past, or even other realities. This results in the shifting of the area around the user wants. G7 can control the radius around but a larger radius takes up more energy for the robot which shuts him down on top of the amount of energy it already drains.
He can willfully shut down this ‘Awakening’ with a thought of his mind but it naturally fades away into what it used to be.

Faction: None as of the moment

Bio: One of Lucy’s first inventions with her ability. She overtime built more components on top of his original and made it into what it is now. It usually hangs around her house like a bum as it doesn’t really know what it can do to get what it needs.

Accepted. You can introduce the character at any time.