Majestic League (RP topic)

OOC: Okay, before we start, i probably owe an explanation: You see, I and 8 other people have been waiting for Shadowrockboy190 to start this RP. However, it has already been one month, and Shadowrockboy190 hasn’t been seen for days. I can see everyone getting restless, so I have decided to keep the seat warm and start the RP myself while Shadowrockboy190 is away. I already sent him an email explaining that he can always take the power back whenever he wants. So, with that out of the way, let’s begin:

Location: the Gamemaster’s lair

The Gamemaster sat in his office. It was sort of a small museum, filled with bizarre artifacts ranging from a cursed mummy wearing an aquamarine amulet, to the skull of a slain monster. Newspapers were framed on his wall, with headlines like “GAMEMASTER A TERRORIST, DESTROYS ARENA” and “TWO FOUND DEAD IN ARENA RUINS, GAMEMASTER BELIEVED TO BE THE CAUSE”. It had been about a year since that incident, and the Gamemaster had to go into hiding, now that the world knew who he really was. The gamemaster knew that there were a lot of people in this world who had the power to imprison, even kill him. But, he also knew that there were those who had the power to advance his plans…

A woman awoke, finding herself wrapped in chains and dangling above a pool of sharks. The gamemaster walked up to the podium above her. “Welcome, esteemed guest. I am so glad to have you participate in my humble game!” he exclaimed. “Where am I?! Let me go, you psycho!” the woman responded. “What was that, you want me to make it harder? very well,” the game master said, flipping a switch. As the woman was lowered into the pool, the Gamemaster’s phone rang. “We’ll have to pick this up later…” the Gamemaster said to the woman as he shut down the machine. “Gamemaster speaking!” he said as he answered the phone. “Hello, I have finished compiling the list of candidates. I will be sending the list to you now” said the voice. “Thank you very much” said the gamemaster. “Out of curiosity, how do you plan on recruiting them?” the voice asked. “Don’t worry, my plan is foolproof.” The gamemaster said as he hung up. Seconds later, he received the list of contacts, just as promised. The gamemaster smiled at his phone screen. He then rose from his chair, balancing himself on his cane as he did so. “Scrapper, prepare the ordurves! we’re having guests later!” He hollered as he stomped out of the room.

We now peer into the lives of the heroes and villains of the world…

Attop a building in a nearby city an assassin takes his aim, carefully lining up a shot to a well known business man. Moments later a soft click could be heard by attentive souls as the target layed dead.

The controller of ice lies waiting outside a russian spy base just off the coast of alaska. His targets, a high ranking russian weapons developement official. He saw a heavily armoured vehicle coming in and estimated it was the official. He then brought a nearby iceberg on top of the vehicle. He was just about to wrap up when he got a call from an anonymous number, he wanted to brush it off but tje calls never stopped(i’m planning for this to be @Mctoran)

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Ok, good
Get back in the story everyone. I need to wait, it is not the best time my character can appear

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IC Lucy walks around near her local junkyard collecting scraps of metal to bring home and test her ability more.


Eventually, the caller stopped harassing the CoI. However, he may call back soon…

The infiltrator leaves the building before authorities could arrive, his phone signifing he had received payment.

Lucy walks home clenching her bag close to her.

A boy of roughly seventeen walks down a crowded sidewalk wearing a hoodie. It covered his head and face in shadow, and his hands were in his pockets.

The meta human known as Man - Power was studying a variety of diffrent screens, searching for oppertunites and weak points in a multitude of institutions.

Sadie smiled, walking out frome a shadowy wall after having murdered some random cult or some group like that. She still didn’t even know half the people she had killed over the years though that just meant less violent people on the streets to hurt other.

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The boy stops in front of an alleyway. Inside a mugging is taking place. He walks in. “I’d suggest you stop.” He said.

The mugger points the gun at him. “Why, punk?! Put your hands up!”

The boy slowly drew his hands out of his pocket, revealing them to be metal. They rested by his head. “I warned you.” Green lasers shoot out of his palms, going right through the mugger and killing him. The boy turns and walks away, hands going back into his pocket, and leaving the woman behind, likely traumatized.

Hopping into a beat up van, Man-Power hit the ignition and checked his mirrors.

Solomon Key shambled along, clinging to alleyways and the darker portions of sidewalks. He was wearing a heavy coat and cargo pants, being the only things tough enough for him to not accidentally cut to pieces in a minute.

Even with his disguise, his ‘arms’ and ‘legs’ wobbled and staggered so stiffly and unrealistically that to anyone who got a good enough look at him, he either had some form of neurodisorder, or he wasn’t even human at all.

He stopped for a minute to redistribute the mass of metal shards making up his body. Everything was intensely boring, and he hated it. The ‘city of heroes’ proved to be the city of a lack of heroes, as crime was seemingly rampant. Several ambulances had already passed, heading to a fancy-looking, glass building a few blocks down, and a crowd was forming around the door. Switchblade spun on his heel (which almost tore through it) and continued on the other way.

Hydron was on a building, staying sliently and watched everyone go by, waiting for someone to call him.( As I said, he is a bounty hunter, works for everyone depending on the price of money, I would like to see a villain call him)