Majestic League VOL. 2

It had been a few months since The Gamemaster, Scrapper, Mark, Sadie and Hydron had left the City of heroes. Things were different, for bettre or worse. Some new faces had even arrived. However, something seemed to be brewing in the shadows. Something dark and sinister

We now see where the heroes and villains are today…

OOC: Jcton, Kirathel and Toa_Radrix’s characters can join now.

A few months ago…

City of Heroes. Shopping district.

David Jenkins had been having a pretty good day, he couldn’t lie. The sun was shining, he had gotten a good night’s sleep, and insurance from superhero shenanigans meant he could get a new car. He couldn’t find a single thing to be unhappy about… until he had a gun pointed at his face.

“Come on man, the money in the till. It can’t be that hard.” The barrel of the gun didn’t waver. It occurred to David that this was his first time getting robbed. All his years in retail he had gotten lucky. “Do I need to do this myself?” the robber asked, pushing the gun into David’s forehead. That luck had just ran out.

David opened the register, quickly spilling its contents onto the counter. The money is quickly transferred into a backpack, which the robber slings over one shoulder. “See, was it really that hard?” The robber lowers the gun, and David can’t help but relax. There’s a crack, a gunshot. If people weren’t paying attention before, they are now. David goes down, clutching his arm, and the robber sprints from the store.

The robber bursts into the street, pushing his way through the crowd. “Thief!” someone cries from within the store. “Stop him!” He was starting to think this was a lot of trouble for some simple cash.

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Jacob snaps his head in the direction of the commotion.

“Huh, we didn’t even have to wait that long. You’d think people would commit crimes somewhere other than a city literally named after these guys, but whatever.”

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Project: Runa stumbled out of the building, blood dripping down his neck. Switchblade’s attack had barely missed a lethal spot on his neck, but he knew he still needed to take care of it soon. He closed his eyes tight as he shot a laser out of his finger right next to the wound, the heat enough to cauterize it. He called Project: Excellerator to come pick him up.

Manpower rushed over to his van, quickly opening the driver’s side door. Tossing Switchblade’s head into the vehicle, Manpower hopped in after him and stuck his key into the ignition. Stomping his foot onto the gas, the vehicle lurched forwards onto the fairly inactive street.

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“I guess we didn’t have to wait…” He watches the thief run through the crowd. “Do you think we should let a hero do something about this or…”

“Well, isn’t that part of the plan?” He grins.

“I suppose so.” Todd replies before beginning to chase the theif. A gun forms in his hand which he fires a warning shot in the general direction of the villain, making sure that it goes too high for it to have any hope of actually hitting anyone.

Jacob follows, not exactly thrilled at the idea of leaping into this, but thinking he could probably get something out of it by looking heroic.

Manpower started to drive erratically and started drifting into the next lane over.

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“Careful! I have motion sick-”

Switchblade realized just then that having motion sickness as a mechanical head meant literally nothing at all. He resigned himself to pretending that he was calm.

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Blood started to slowly drip from Manpower’s nose

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“Uh.” Switchblade said, staring at each drop intensely. “Is that supposed to happen?”

“It’s fine,” Manpower grunted, swerving back into the correct lane.

Switchblade wondered exactly how any creatures on the planet had any form of courtship if that happened at random.

“Right, so…” He angled up on his jaw to look out the rear-view mirror. “I ink e’re ayhe uh uh eeyoyh.”

“I’m pulling over at a gas station, is there anything you need?”

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Switchblade collapsed back onto the seat. He eventually looked up.

“If you can swipe any loose change… No, there’s no telling if it’ll magnetize.” he grumbled. “Unless you see a giant mountain of razor blades, I think I’m fine.”

Dave was in a spare apartment he had rented after the incident, recovering from his many wounds he had suffered under the gamemaster. this is why I choose my own jobs, he thought to himself, before looking at his new mechanical hand, though this will greatly hamper my ablities…

Skarpix arrived a the city, and saw the many humans around “Humans… A whole city of humans… Me kills them or what? No,Skarpix makes trouble…” He thought with a grin. Then he started to explore around, looking for anything interesting

The robber’s eyes dart over his shoulder as he pushes through the crowd. Cops? No, didn’t look like anyone was in uniform. Then… heroes. The gun slips from his hands, and he can’t bring himself to slow down for long enough to retrieve it. By now the crowd is thinning out, trying to escape the confrontation. The robber peeks over his shoulder again, and he has a clear line of sight to Todd and Jacob. He turns around, holding his hands in front of him.

“Look guys, we can talk about this. I won’t do it again!” The robber’s hands are shaking, just slightly.