Makuta abilities effect on other worldly beings?

Hello everyone! I am just curious about something, do the Makuta powers have any effect on beings not made from Protodermis and Antidermis? For instance would their powers work on humans? Could say Teridax use his telepathy and other mind altering abilities on us? Another question would say any Makuta be able to take over a Cybertronian body since they are 100% mechanical? Just curious, thank you for your replies!

The more “physical” Makuta powers, such as Fragmentation or Disintegration, would definitely work on non-Protodermis beings.

I suspect that the mental powers would also work, since there’s precedent for compatibility between Spherus Magnan and Protodermic minds; Annona was able to feed on the dreams of the Skakdi, and Orde was able to read Kabrua’s mind.

The only powers that might not work are the ones related to Rahi. I don’t think this was ever specifically addressed in the canon, but neither the Faxon nor the Mask of Rahi Control work on Spherus Magnan creatures, so it seems reasonable to assume that a Makuta’s powers of Rahi and Insect Control wouldn’t either.


Makes perfect sense. Thank you for your information and reply!

It’s not really a matter of being mechanical, but having a mind. For example, Teri was able to take over Matoro’s body when Matoro was using the mask of spirit. Since Cybertronians have their own sentience, I don’t think a Makuta could possess them.


I thought they just could not take over living biological/biomechanical beings but could take over anything mechanical like the exo toa. But I guess toa are about as alive and sentient as Cybertronians.

Pretty much this and what @Racie02 said.

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So then a Makuta could take over say the Nanosuit from Crysis?