Makuta Ahkaxx

This is my entry for the Brotherhood of Makuta Community Project.

Name: Makuta Ahkaxx

Alias: “The Ruthless One”

Age: aprox. 100 000 (duh…)

Powers: Standard set of 42 Makuta Powers

Weapons: None, she always relied only on the powers she had.

Weaknesses: Standard Makuta weaknesses (light etc…)

Kanohi: Great Ruru and Great Mask of Aging

And here is the MOC itself, posed. :stuck_out_tongue:

front…the arms are lanky, I know


Here is a picture that inspired the leg design…just so you know for what I’ve been aiming for with the legs.


TBH, the whole design looks a little lanky. Maybe always have her in a hunched position?

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Yes, she was meant to be slim and very tall, however the arms are the only place where the lankiness does not work for me as I wanted. :confused: @Yveran

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Ok, first of all, take off the friction extenders on the arms. Then add some bulk to the knees. After that, could you show us a picture, possibly?

Anyway, other then the issues brought up, this looks pretty cool. Keep it up! :wink:

When I first saw this I thought,“It’s Slenderkuta!”


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Wow…this looks pretty good.

I was just about to mention that. Despite being a little lanky, I think this MOC is pretty good. Definitely an 8/10 on my scale.

It’s a decent MOC, looks pretty good. Though it’s lanky-ness is throwing me off a bit. I’m not sure if it’s the torso, the arms, or a combination of the torso and arms. I know you were going for a more lanky look, but something just doesn’t sit right with me…Anyways, good job.

Doesn’t exactly flow the best shaping-wise. That shoulder connection is also pretty bad.

Eh…I guess you are right…anything positive to say too…some features that should be retained if the MOC is updated?

Usually I give negative criticism and don’t really say anything about things I find okay.

Basically it’s fine other than the things I mentioned.

Oh…than I just misunderstood your methods. >.< My bad.

A bit skinny overall, but I rather like it.
Great job!

If the arms were placed a little higher, it would look much better.

I am officially scared.
Cool moc, man.

Ok, well, first the MOC:

Like most people already said, it’s a bit lanky, but not bad.
The arm-shoulder connection seems a little gappy and the legs are just slightly too long in my opinion. Also the front could do with more metru blue parts. But these are just minor things.

In the backstory you’ll have to change a few things, though:

The evolution of the Makuta took place after Teridax took over.

The rules say she has to die before the events in Karda Nui.

Since she can’t be one of those who took Miserix’s side at the convocation (all already entered into this project) and apparently went “missing” before that, this seems a little odd to me.
If she really was a close supporter of Miserix, why did she spent her time trading on some island instead of - well - supporting him in some way?

So, edit the backstory so it fits and Ahkaxx will be accepted.

I was unaware that happened after Miserix lost his lead…I’m bit rusty on my lore. (not following it since 2009) :confused:

I have not said she did not…she was executed as any other Makuta in process of the Plan…just in very last few events that took place.

Never said she supported him after that…she was always a devoted follower. She left during the conflict in the Brotherhood and after she was informed about Teridax’s leadership, there is literally no point to support them.

Anyhow, you are right…the story is really a halfas*ed mess. It needs to change a lot…I was really uninspired at the time I wrote it and I honestly can say it was really rushed. I will need to read up on my lore again.

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She is apparently at least slightly crazy, as evidenced by the personality section.[quote=“Gilahu, post:16, topic:22517”]
The evolution of the Makuta took place after Teridax took over.

How about this: the other Makuta find out that the nynrah thangs were commissioned to create another Makuta armour, but were unable to track it down. Teridax, however, eventually does find her and kill her (sometime before 08)

Then you should formulate it a little better. You wrote “after Teridax took over the Matoran Universe” - which is after Karda Nui.

There wasn’t really much conflict within the Brotherhood. And now I remember another thing: there also was no real “Makuta civil war”. It basically just was Teridax calling for a convocation and declaring his Plan, Miserix getting enraged, Teridax winning the vote and Miserix’s supporters getting killed. It probably was more like a purge.
Also if Ahkaxx survived up to this point she would have been at the convocation and joined Teridax (out of fear/because she was planning to kill him later, etc.) or Teridax would have noted her absence and killed her shortly after.

Take your time editing the story. Just make sure to inform me when you have.

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Splendid, but perhaps thicken up the body. The legs look awkward.