Makuta Avlotua and Lulotua, Sisters of Day and Night

Hello everyone! This is TheKardasDragon making his first post on the TTV messageboards. I normally post my mocs publicly on my Instagram account over at, but this next post is way too long for the Instagram text limit so I’ll be using this account for all lore-heavy posts.

Without further ado, meet Makuta 085 and 086 (their numerical placement among my 100+ Makuta project)- Avlotua and Lulotua, Sister Makuta of the island Purehi, the “safe place of friends” east of Metru Nui

Avlotua and Lulotua (both meaning “Dutiful Protectors of Sunlight / Moonlight” respectively), are sister Makuta close in creation and thus close in bond, both of whom held a soft spot for the Matoran. Following the Matoran Civil War, they were assigned to their island but also tasked with making sure the eyes of Mata Nui looming over Metru Nui were functioning properly to give the city, and any other islands close enough to it to see, daylight and moonlight at the proper times of day and night. Meanwhile, they sought to maintain a spirit of peace and unity among their Matoran and actively watched over them. As a way to relieve them from the memories of war once plaguing the nearby City of Legends, Avlotua and Lulotua made Purehi a center of education and wonder, using their staffs to cast holograms of the star systems that Mata Nui charted and which the two sisters were able to receive the data of into their staff heads.

When Teridax overthrew Miserix after announcing his plan to assume Brotherhood control over the Great Spirit, Avlotua and Lulotua sided with Teridax out of an initial belief that the Brotherhood having more direct control over the Matoran Universe would allow greater capacity to care for and protect its inhabitants from further internal threats, and give the still weakened Mata Nui time to rest and fully recover from the damage done to his systems. However, Avlotua is soon unsettled by Teridax’s order of execution against the few that remained loyal to Miserix, and further shifty acts committed by this new leadership of the Brotherhood. In the meantime, she and Lulotua recruit their own Toa Hagah team to aid in watching over the Matoran on Purehi.

Once Teridax goes full treachery mode, and has all the rebelling Toa Hagah killed, corrupted, or imprisoned then prepares the virus to inflict on Mata Nui, Avlotua begins to have second thoughts about her allegiance and tries to convince Lulotua that they should stop Teridax. Lulotua, however, disagrees, and goes so far as to help Teridax administer the virus down in the Core Processor under Metru Nui, stating it would all be “for the greater good.” And so the two sisters watched as the eyes of Mata Nui closed with his fall into slumber, and Teridax does what he does in the events of the Great Cataclysm and afterward.

All of these increasingly dark acts committed by the Brotherhood causes Avlotua to lose faith in what’s become of her kind like a few other Makuta had, and she frees her own Toa Hagah to help her plead with Lulotua to help stop their evil brothers and sisters, an act Lulotua irrationally views as betrayal against herself personally by her closest sister. Starting a huge fight, Lulotua’s anger mixed with hurt sorrow gives her the will to purge her inner light completely, and overpower her sister and Hagah with the aid of some created Rahkshi forces, finally blasting the Toa off the island and into the sea, who survive and wash up on the island’s shores.

Lulotua then puts Avlotua into a stasis lock with her Kraata power of Stasis Field, which requires continual concentration so she brings her to a full on Stasis Tube on Destral to keep her imprisoned, because deep down she still didn’t want to kill her sister but had to keep her from getting in the Brotherhood’s way. Lulotua returns to find her Matoran gone, her Toa Hagah having since worked to evacuate them off the island through a portal Conjured by the team’s leader to an island between Xia and Odina. With no Matoran to look after, Lulotua’s emotional spiral sends her deeper into darkness until she declares her former self “dead” and takes on a new name, Kralutura (meaning “Fear the Shadow/Darkness of Night”), and gets knowledge from Teridax on how to make her own, noble version of the Kraahkan to wear, capable of projecting Fear, Anger, and Darkness at the weaker stage of 4. She attempts to find where her Matoran have disappeared to, but is soon after called back by Teridax to focus on efforts to further the Brotherhood’s plans.

All the while, Avlotua was still conscious in stasis, her Antidermis essence still able to churn inside her frozen armor. So while stuck in the tube, she’s able to mentally steel herself up and purge all her inner darkness, becoming a Makuta of Light.

Long after, her Toa Hagah who’d set out to find Avlotua and free her do just so, and then go on a mission to find and capture Lulotua/Kralutura so they can try and bring her back to the light. The reunited group finally tracks her down to Makuta Mutrunex’s lab on the Southern Island of Energized Protodermis, and fight and defeat Mutrunex and his assistant Makuta Madoka on their way to Kralutura. Avlotua successfully subdues her sister with the help of the Toa beside her, though in truth a part of Lulotua may have hoped to lose to begin with after having nothing to live for for so long. They then escape the island quickly to get out of the way of the OoMN’s efforts to destroy all sources of Energized Protodermis, as Avlotua knew it was only a matter of time until they found this source.

Surviving the end of Teridax’s reign and the fall of the GSR, Avlotua, her Hagah, and a restrained Kralutura emigrate to Spherus Magna, seeking to find a way to rehabilitate her despondent sister.

Avlotua once carried the Celestial Staff for teaching her Matoran of the different star systems, and wielded the Laser Halberd in combat. Unable to create elemental light herself at the time, Avlotua used her weapon to fire non-elemental lasers with an energy similar to the kind the Ignika guardian Umbra turned into. After becoming a Makuta of Light, she forged new tools for herself in the form of the Solar Blade and New Dawn Shield. Her Mask of Arbitration causes affected targets to cease all conflict or argumentation against the user or amongst each other if the user’s willpower is stronger, and was used only as a last resort for forcefully settling disputes among Matoran, and shaped like a Mask of Plasma to conceal its true power. Avlotua could not bring herself to use it on her own sister.

Lulotua formerly carried the Crescent Moon Staff for teaching her Matoran about smaller celestial bodies and satellites, and wielded the Nightfall Blade in combat. This sword could create shadow energy projections of duplicate swords, untainted by the dark red hue of corruption and negativity most Makuta were known for relying on. Upon becoming Kralutura, she traded this once honorable weapon for the more sinister Umbral Scythe just as she traded her Ruru for the noble Kraahkan.

I’ll be making another post later detailing all their Hagah. All of them, like a lot of my mocs, are based on characters from other media and I’ll just let y’all figure out who in particular I drew inspiration for this batch of mocs.


Hey Kardas whats up :smiley: Good to see you. Looking foreword to seeing your stuff on here. (you know I like your stuff haha)
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based moc like usual

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Sun and moon sisters. I feel like I’ve heard about something like this elsewhere


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I love the colour choices, very vibrant and pleasing to look at.


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