"Makuta Building Contest" W.I.P.s and Finished Creations Topic

You’re welcome.

Could you take some more pictures, or maybe some of the inner parts?

Edit: Like the function trigger

Hope these help out. If you need more, I’ll post more after I eat.

That should do it, thanks again^^

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No problem.


I think this should go in here:


Looks likes someone posted stuff on the official build of Makuta. Possibly one of the builders.

that’s mine should i revamp?

Yes, and maybe put the Mask of Control on it

it won’t look good

Could we have pictures at least?

my phone and camera is charging

Your in luck haha, ive made something I think you’ll like then :slight_smile:

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I like this a lot but the golden mask seems out of place so you could use a black and red color fade like the lava beast or Umarak`s mask of shadow in Ekimu 2016 set but this is still FREAKING AWESOME.

I still do not get why most people are using red. I know you can not use the 6 elemental colors with out it looking messy but even so makuta was purple and gold not red and gold.

More over they technically showed you makuta with the mask of ultimate power in Ekimu `s personal trailer in the first 2 seconds.

Still very much a work in progress but here is what I’ve been working on for the past few days, hope you guys like it so far! :slight_smile:

Here is a better look at the torso and the scorpion body


Dat’s fantastic, what happened to your old one though?


I’m still entering it but you can enter more than one so I thought I might as well make one that is more makuta like, eg black and gold


Oh okay, coolio

Sweet mother of god…


Looking at him again I don’t think I like his staff, might need to redesign it