"Makuta Building Contest" W.I.P.s and Finished Creations Topic

Moving in 2 weeks, before school starts. So I can´t start on Makuta yet. Good thing I already got a design in my head wich I’m going to draw.

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I’ve got an Idea to! but cant draw :cry: Maybe Photoshop :stuck_out_tongue:

Got any good ideas floating around in your mind?

basically ghost of makuta :ghost:

Im not good at drawing either^^. Im just going to make a simple sketch with the skeleton structure and functions as well as armor add-ons. And after browsing trough most of the entries I can say that mine is pretty original, since no one has used some of the designs I’m thinking of yet^^.

Design as in the way its built i.e 4 legs, no legs or just like specifics such as color scheme or unique pieces?

What am I doing!?


Some design elements, he´s going to be humanoid of course, but no one has taught of the same thing as I have, yet. Hopefully it will give me a good chance. It will also stay true to the Makuta from g2.


I’ve been adding all trans orange to my Makuta. It could be some energy bursting from his body. Though it may be hard to see the it inside his chest in this pic. But I also replaced his black should pieces with gold ones.


Could you provide some help for the wrist blades?

here is my finished Makuta. The pepsi can is for a size comparison. keep in mind that the can is in front of Makuta, and not under it. my webcam is low quality but the pictures for the actual contest page will be of a higher quality. I don’t own any of the 2016 sets and the only sets I have are the 2015 toa, LOSS, and the skull villains that come in a single pack. So no Kulta or Ekimu

I didn’t build it exactly like the official Makuta, but this should help.


thank you^^

You’re welcome.

Could you take some more pictures, or maybe some of the inner parts?

Edit: Like the function trigger

Hope these help out. If you need more, I’ll post more after I eat.

That should do it, thanks again^^

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No problem.


I think this should go in here:


Looks likes someone posted stuff on the official build of Makuta. Possibly one of the builders.