Makuta Falkin, the One in Chains (Self Moc)

A good couple of months ago I uploaded my self moc. The reception was overall positive, but I did receive several several criticisms. Taking them to heart, I set out to rebuild my self moc, this time to be better than ever. This is the end result, and I am very happy with it. (Also, I’m entering this into the Brotherhood of Makuta Community MOC Project)

Name: Falkin
Assigned Region: None, usually found on Xia or Odina, though not assigned to either.
Kanohi: Ifriti, the Great Mask of Rage, modified to look like a Faxon.
Status: Unknown, presumed dead.

Before Teridax’s coup, Falkin had been a friend to Miserix, but never paid Teridax much attention. When the coup did come about though, he caught the other Makuta by surprise when he sided with Teridax over his friend. When asked why he chose who he did, he simply said “Because I would have died if I hadn’t.” Needless to say, Teridax never fully trusted him.

Despite Teridax’s mistrust of him, Makuta Falkin was Teridax’s designated spy for the Dark Hunters. Falkin had specialized in nocturnal, flying rahi, just the sort of thing which would make an excellent spy. As he was spying on the Dark Hunters, he would have been fairly close to Antroz and Vamprah, and quite often relied on them to hide him when the Dark Hunters got too suspicious of him.

Then finally, it happened. One of Falkin’s rahi minions, a creature he called the Shadow hawk, was captured by the Dark Hunters while spying on them. Knowing it must have been the work of the Makuta, they brought the caged beast to Teridax demanding he explain himself. Not planning to break the two groups’ alliance just yet, Teridax Surrendered Falkin to the Dark Hunters, hoping to appease them and tie up a loose end in one go.

But Falkin would not go willingly. He fought on, running from several of his once brothers, even killing one, until, finally, he was subdued, chained, and handed over to the Dark Hunters. Although it has never been confirmed, it is assumed he is dead.

Now that I’ve given you the backstory and an overall look at the moc, onto the weapons. You already saw his Sabre, which just so happens to have a (fully functional) revolver built into it. In the picture above, you can see him with his hatchets, which I kept from the previous version of him. They still attach to his back, and form “fins.”

This is his back without the hatchets.

Finally, Falkin has one last trick up his sleeve. Not unlike the hulk, when infuriated, Falkin can enter a “Rage Mode,” thanks to his mask.

When in “Rage Mode,” Falkin is infinitely more dangerous. He becomes unpredictable, and violent. Anyone who manages to get him to this point should be very wary, as he will not hesitate to rip his foes apart. His elemental powers increase by a huge amount, as does his physical strength, speed, and general toughness. He is not unstoppable though, and can be dispatched by repeatedly bashing him over the head with a steel pipe, or other, similar, methods.

When in “Rage Mode,” his physical appearance also changes, making him look much more threatening.

Comments and criticism appreciated!


Pretty complex.
I like.

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Might be a bit messy, but the colorscheme and weapon are cool.

Looks cool, but very jumbled.

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looks ok, but a bit messy

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Looks interesting. I like the torso design.

I like it, the complex build is really nice!


Well, the others already said it - he does look a little cluttered - from the front at least. My best guess would be that this could be solved a great deal by using some larger pieces in the chest, but it could also be that he uses a little too many colours. I’m not fully sure. Perhaps it’s could also be the different textures of the pieces. Maybe try using “smoother” looking armor on the inner forearms and the torso to fit better with the CCBS style stuff and such?

Nonetheless, though, this MOC seems well constructed. And I really like the upper back of the torso. Great job there.

His “rage mode” does use a little too much trans orange in my opinion, but it’s fine.

I thought about the whole “Makuta has to be dead” rule a bit and have come to a decision: You can leave his end open, but in the “Book of the Brotherhood” that I will post when this project is complete, I’ll treat every Makuta as dead.
So no problem here.

Apparently he played too much Elder Scrolls. Surely you mean “Dark Hunters”?

Killing another Makuta does not work for this project, except if you do another Makuta MOC and make it part of this MOCs backstory.

Change the “Dark Brotherhood” thing and tell me how you would like to handle the “killed another Makuta” thing and this MOC will be accepted as soon as you changed the latter - or the Makuta who got killed by Falkin is accepted as well.

Looks good. Something about it doesn’t remind me of a Makuta, though the enraged mode certainly reverses that.

I am perfectly fine with him being dead. I put presumed dead for the sake of my own story-line, but for your “Book of the Brotherhood,” I am fine with him being dead-dead.

Dark Brotherhood. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I’m so sorry, I knew I would do that and even after proof-reading it I still messed up. Thanks for pointing it out for me, I’ll fix it now, and yes, I did mean the Dark Hunters.

I initially wanted to claim more than one Makuta for that very reason, and yes, the next one I do will be the one he killed.

I like both versions, but they have inconsistent textures. I don’t mind, but I could see it annoying other people.