Makuta Jorax

Makuta Jorax. The Brotherhood of Makuta knew this name really well. He was the "tinkerer guy", the "assassin for hire" and the occasional "go ask him, he knows the answer for this question". He was always quiet, and as the opportunity came, he sided with Teridax, keeping secret that he was the last Makuta not to evolve into pure antidermis. He stayed true to Mata Nui, though he carried out every order of Teridax'.

So, guys, what do you think? I based his design off of his "Rahkshi hunter" self, which --> <-- you can see here. (It is one of my crappiest photos, as I was an amateur in MOCing and in photographing.)

His side view. The asymmetry is a must-have in my opinion, but he is mostly symmetrical.

Back view. He is a true bounty-hunter, as you can see. He has several Okoto-ian heads as well as Metru-heads, and Skull Grinder aka Kulta's mask is there, too.

Headshot, featuring his very uniquely built head (I used this head design in several MOCs of mine, the first iteration was documented in '06.)

Second headshot, with his Kaukau. I just stuck the pin of the Kaukau in the pinhole of the Rahkshi-head.

Rate, comment and hate if you want to! I would love to improve this guy!


The head is very clever! but whats with the feet?

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What do you mean? The articulation or the build?

The build looks odd...

In which areas?

The head is cool, and his colors work pretty well, but the whole build feels really really cluttered! I would streamline the design a bit more. Also, yea, the feet look odd, being really long and really thin.

Yeah, I couldn't do justice with his feet... I have to make something out of my imagination, but I feel like I am getting the ideas out of my head is significantly more time consuming and harder than it was a year ago.

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Really like this guy. :smile_cat:

I like the torso. It's "complexe".

I like that head.

Love the use of Skull Spiders as hands.

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That pole sticking out of the back of his head makes no sense to me.

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It's a sensor-kind of apparatus. I designed him with the intent of giving him an unmatched hearing, and that is his "sonar" device. thus, he can "see" 360° around him, even say where the things are behind his back.

Thank you :smile:

Thanks :smile:

Thanks :smile:

But I need to swap out some pieces, 'cause they are the wrong color. Thanks, anyways :smile:

I like him. He just needs better feet. I know you want to keep the asthetics of the original, but you have to do something about it in my opinion.

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Ok, let's see ...

  • looks a little messy on first glance and on second glance, too
  • interesting building techniques, though (use of those metru heads at his ellbows, his "handmade" upper legs)
  • his feet do look a little strange with those outsticking pins and the long talons ... perhaps add more "toes" to each foot
  • head definately is unique, the long extension is a bit weird, but the only thing that really bothers me here is that dark gold metru shoulder armor - the colour doesn't really fit in, in my opinion
  • I also feel, like he could use some more blue on his torso and legs (perhaps replace the red parts? Or replace the blue parts with red and silver ones ...)
  • those heads on his back are a nice touch
  • good use of the skull spiders

His story could be fleshed out a bit, in my opinion, but it is sufficient, except that you should probably tell us, how he died.
You could add this, too:

Name: Jorax
Kanohi: (he doesn't really wear the Kaukau as a mask, so I would recommend you to define his whole head as his mask and give it some power you made up)
Assigned region: none
Status: Dead

Otherwise, thank you for participating in the Brotherhood project!

@Solaris Okay, thanks for the feedback. Yeah, they are just... placeholders for a new set of feet. I need to begin work on those like immediately. :smile:

Okay, so, the story goes: Although he was down in the Pit for a short amount of time, his mask fused with his head. This is the most significant thing that haappened to him. He was crushed by one of the joints of the Great Spirit Robot, when it was awakened.

Edited for Double Post - Waj thanks, @Waj :smile:
Anytime :smile:, @DG_Eddie - Waj

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I'm not sure, if this works, for two reasons:

  • by the time Antroz and the others were sent to Karda Nui, there were just 15 Makuta still alive --> Teridax, the 8 in Karda Nui, the Makuta of Stelt (Jsasax, as he is called in this project), Spiriah, Tridax, Miserix and two that were kept by Teridax as Kraata creators and later killed (Zhun and an unnamed, but already assigned one in this project), so Jorax has to die before all of that
  • I'm pretty sure, that the Pit was "closed" when Voya Nui took it's place as part of the Southern Continent again

As he still was loyal to Mata Nui all along, perhaps make him die when he uttered something concerning manipulating the Plan in the presence of Gorast?

Nonono, he was sent down to the Pit when the events of 04-05 occurred. He never mentioned the distrust of the Brotherhood.

Ok, but he still has to die somehow before the Great Spirit Robot gets activated again.

A thought just occurred to me. Teridax killed him, because he failed him. He lied to him (to Teridax), and he was torn apart by the Rahi Nui (can it actually work?).