Makuta Kaihoko, The Undertaker

NAME: Kaihoko
TITLES: Makuta, Undertaker
KANOHI/MASK: Kanohi Mahara, Mask of Memories (can change or erase one’s memories)
WEAPON(S): Sword of Souls, a sword fabled to be forged of the souls it reaps. Spear.
ELEMENT: Death/shadows
ALLEGIENCE: Self, Brotherhood of Makuta
ILLUSIONS, PROLOGUE 2: “You are my right hand, my assassin, and the general of my armies,” said the towering figure. “You’re name… is Kahu,”. “Ah, yes. I remember now! I am the Wielder of The Mist!” I stated. "Yes, Kahu. You are also the one who shall assist me in destroying the dark forces of the Toa…’’

WHOO! This one is so much better than my previous one! Enjoy!