Makuta Kojol: Brotherhood Community Project

Name: Kojol
Assigned Region: Artakha
Kanohi Tauran: Mask of Incomprehension
Status: Dead

Kojol was known for being arrogant and obnoxious by the other Makuta, due in part for his skill in rahi making and viruses, and partly because of his refusal to reveal Artakha’s location. After the Great Disruption, Miserix assigned him the island of Artakha to guard. He sided with Teridax after the Convocation, and was a key factor in his plan. When the Makuta evolved into gaseous forms, Chirox tested Kojol’s antidermis to determine its properties. At an unknown time preceeding his death, Kojol began creating, and later finished the virus that put Mata Nui to sleep. Kojol sent an army to attack Artakha in an attempt to retrieve the Avohkii, Mask of Light. After succeeding, Kojol began creating an armor eating virus, only to have it used on him by Tobduk, an Order of Mata Nui assassin. His antidermis was later destroyed in a foundry on Xia.

Kojol specialized in marine and aviated Rahi, with his most well known creation being the Proto Drake. He was known as one of the Makuta that primarily experimented with viruses. Before his attack on Artakha, Kojol was very secretive, using his rahi to protect the island even from the other Makuta. His refusal to share knowledge made him despised by the other Makuta, particularly Mutran and Bitil, who were nervous at how important Kojol’s cooperation was.

Kojol with his “Great Spirit Virus”

Kojol was not a fighter, usually preferring to use Rahkshi, Exo-Toa and Visorak to do his dirty work, but used a double-ended sword when he needed to.

He had a pair of wings that went mostly unused, unless he opened them to look imposing. His preferred method of transportation was on the back of one of his Rahi, or teleportation.

His mask was the Kanohi mask of Incomprehension, which can be used to scramble the language of written text and spoken words. He used this to further help keep his secrecy, encoding documents or experiments.

Front View

Side View

“Nyran Shot” (Correct me if I did that wrong)

Weapon and “Great Spirit Virus”

Overall, this was a very fun MoC to build, I started with the wings and legs, and built up from there. The torso is a bit gappy, and from some angles looks a bit… portly? But if anything, I feel like it brings out Kojol’s puffy, prideful personality. His arm design is unfortunately uninspired, but I don’t think it detracts too much from the rest of the MoC. The head is a modified version of Sidorak’s, lifting the ‘mouth’ up a peg, and using a Knight’s Kingdom armor piece as a helmet. Not the fanciest of custom heads, but I usually prefer working with pre-made masks, and felt Kojol needed to be an exception. The wings were created with a function like the Kardas Dragon, and can fold and unfold all at once, which looks really cool in person. Unfortunately, a majority of the purple is CCBS and System, but I think I used it in the right places so it didn’t mess up the aesthetic. The lack of color on the back is intentional, but I do think it looks boring compared to the rest of the MoC. Overall, this MoC is far from perfect, but I think it looks very imposing, and certainly does it’s job.

This MoC was created as part of @Gilahu’s Book of the Brotherhood community project. There are some really cool MoC’s that have already been submitted, and I recommend checking it out!


I believe it’s called a “Nyran Shot” I still don’t get that joke

As for the MOC, it looks a bit messy, but great. The mask/head gives me Sidorak vibes for some reason

Thanks! I edited the post.

There vvas once a user here named Nyran who really liked Chicken, and, uh…

The Moc is excellent. I really like the addition of a little heartlight – dunno if Makuta are supposed to have heartlights, but whatever, it looks cool. The tubes on the side are a nice touch, too. Head looks a little odd, but yet really cool at the same time. The legs are a little odd, due to the way the armor sticks outward, leaving a gap at the knees. Also, that large purple piece on the back kinda messes with the flow of the colors, the purple is surprisingly well distributed otherwise. Finally, the wing function is a nice touch. Nice moc overall, I give it a 4/10


Just kidding, I’d say it’s around 8 or 9/10.


A lot of small things that aren’t perfect, but aside from the really not very good looking knees a solid MOC.

I do wonder, though, if maybe without the silver the purple would look better…
My favorite part of the MOC are probably the upper legs (minus the outsticking purple system parts) - they’re really nicely shaped, it’s a shame the knees look so bad…

For some reason I never imagined Kojol to have wings - but no one says he can’t. In general the MOC for some reason works for Kojol, but at the same time is completely different from how I imagined him - you know, most of all less “muscular” :wink:

The “Great Spirit Virus” thing is a nice addition. Also that modified Brutaka sword looks quite good.

One small thing, though:

It’s just “Brotherhood Project” or “Brotherhood community project” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, MOC accepted, thanks for participating!


Fun fact about the knees, Kojol was first intended to have digitigrade style legs, but as I built him, he slowly changed into a plantigrade design. I didn’t want to change the leg design, so I just extended the middle part of the leg. I probably could have come up with a better solution. As for the purple on the thighs, I was originally going to use Speeda Demon’s purple vorox armor instead of the black ones, and omit the system piece entirely, but I unfortunately only had one, and couldn’t do it with both legs.
I do agree that the purple would look better without the silver, but I didn’t have enough purple to make it well distributed as a second color.

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The arms seem a bit thin, but other than that nice work m8o.

the moc is pretty nice and i love the colours. I personally think that the lower arms should be thickened but its honestly fine currently

why two Vs?

As someone who’s seen the early versions of this moc and watched in suspense as the arms, legs, wings, head, and torso took form, I am particularly excited to see it in the community project. Great Job Tumult!

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I really like aspects of the shaping

I’m getting sum Starscream vibes. Well-made, though the hole on the stomach from the side is a little distracting.

Thanks! I actually had Transformers Prime In mind when making this, between the arms and torso, I wanted a Starscream/Soundwave look.

he looks like a transformer

Because that’s how you spell w.


Impressive both in scale and how long it took me to find this. Was I that blind?