Makuta Lucifer: The Demon King

Makuta Lucifer: the Demon King
Oh how this moc has changed.

to give u an idea of what he looked like before

These were all the version of him i had before getting to his newest form, and as you can see I really developed as a mocest which shows how far i've come
Tho i will admit the newest form is good in it's own rights

Starting off, His trademark, the helmet/mask, an olmak with horns.this such a simple yet elegant design. Tho the original used putty to make sure the horns wouldn't fall off the new one is completly being held in with friction and with no modded parts what so ever.

A better picture of the front, but now were gonna start from the feet
I will tell u now the pic above is an older picture and since then i've added hf parts where those grey hf parts were.

Probably my favorite part of the lower leg design has got to be the gold skull spider mask for armor bits, they just click in and they really dont move at all.

a more detailed shot of the leg. I will admit i did take some inspiration from ShadowsGears foot design from his sovereign moc. The actual skeleton of the legs actually has ratchet joints

A better Look at the Chest, and all it's details
Fun fact the chest design is all custom and actually has more ratchet joints
as well as has flex tubing as a way to get more detail in the moc

As well as the back detail
and a little fun fact those are the same matron arms from the original

Side of the arms showing off more detail, This is Shadow gears hand design and it's absolutely Great for Titan/giant mocs

now the sword, his claymore.
The greebles on this thing are amazing. with this like goat skull look i get from it just makes me love the Claymore, tho i will say im not actually good at making weapon mocs, so this was no easy task.

Just to show that he can in fact hold it by him self

Now showing off the moc is done now somes backstory.
This moc is the "big bad" in my bionicle story. He is The Makuta that managed to do what the other cannon makuta's could not, his big plan being to collect all the legendary mask using his Olmak ( mask of time, creation, shadows, life and etc) in order to create his own universe where he will rule with an army of demonic makuta's at his side.
So he is actually in the LegoRebrick contest, i decided for the contest to drop the name Lucifer to not get disqualified due to the name Lucifer being related to religion.

The thing that i really just love about this moc is that i was using actually using more system for details as well as for more practical use like the pistons being from system. the reason for that being i didn't want silver/ gunmetal on the moc, i wanted it to be as color coordinated as possible. tho not having some black parts that only come in grey, i really dont like moding/ painting parts at all so i had to hide it as best as possible.{00A66255-0F67-490B-97E3-3FCD9CF12314}&a_id=51948956-faf1-4cc5-bb37-9c0298a14624&sortEntry=true


This guy looks so awesome. His weapon is really cool as well.
Awesome work.

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The legs seem a bit longer than they should be, but I gotta admit I really like it.


There suposed to be chicken legs, but they kinda became normal legs =U

It looks amazing. :heart_eyes:

This is sick

This. Is amazing.
The only problem I have is the arms being a bit shorter than the legs.
Even with that, this MOC gets a 10/10.

a m a z i n

I do not know how to post images in comments so imagine a drooling animal, preferably a dog, instead for this text.

This is freaking amazing. Please tell me you enter the contest with this.

Oh yes as the final bionicle contest I gotta go big or go home

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Well this is a spectacular build

While gold and black is cool, it leaves much to be desired

holy cursh word this IS AWSOME

Oooohhh shiny! :open_mouth:

awesome is the only thing you can say to describe it. I was following the construction on instagram and have nothing but good words to say about this MOC.

The legs are a little long, but fantastic job overall.

I really love that sword

That name though
c r a w l i n g

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The head terrifies me.

I love his feet so much

He looks great! my only gripe would be a lack of shoulder pads...I dunno, he seems like he could use some really big and crazy shoulder pads..

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