Makuta Myrnox, Invader of Spherus Magna

“It is with great sadness that we must announce the passing of our brother Myrnox, the maker of many Kanohi. May his legacy live on…” - Makuta Teridax, after the disappearance of Makuta Myrnox.

Myrnox, Makuta of a small island south of Metru Nui, was well-respected for his expertise in crafting Kanohi. His fame only grew when he discovered the secret of combining Kraata powers with the disks he used in his forges, allowing him to create such masks as the Jaaga, Kanohi of Chain Lightning, and the mask of Undeath that he wears. Unfortunately, many of his buyers left him after this, due to the “unnatural” powers his masks granted to users.

Eventually, though, his skills came to the notice of Karzahni, the twisted ruler of the island of Karzahni. His knowledge of masks made him wonder what the effects of such Kanohi would be when given to Matoran, and so he became the primary buyer of masks from Makuta Myrnox, spending vast sums of widgets on strange, bizarre Kanohi whose properties made even Myrnox unsure of the legality of making them.

Then disaster struck: Teridax, leader of the Brotherhood, called a Convocation. The topic was the replacement of Miserix with Teridax, who claimed that Miserix would lead them to ruin. Myrnox, though he much preferred Miserix in charge, voted for Teridax. Then he began to amass disks, from unpowered ones to illegally obtained Toa disks, searching for a weapon that could bring Miserix back to power. Myrnox tried nearly every combination known to him, and several very unstable ones. Finally, he had a solution. But Teridax had known of his intentions, and summoned him to a meeting at the Antidermis Pool in the Southern Continent. Myrnox obeyed, not knowing that he had set in motion a new destiny. On his arrival, he was met not with Teridax, but with Icarax, who destroyed his armor, smashing it beyond repair.

Many centuries later…

Myrnox stirred. He felt a strange pain in his head. Or was it his mask? It all felt so strange. He blinked. He felt metal moving around him, as his mask drew together the remains of several beings, as well as his shattered armor. As the final plate of metal connected, a beam of light illuminated the room. A small figure stepped into his field of vision. This person’s appearance intrigued him. It was all muscle, clothed in a mixture of armor and some sort of synthetic fur or scales. He asked, “Where are we? Who are you?”
“I am Kabrua, and you are ordered to come with me.”
Myrnox stepped forwards, confused.
“Who is your master, who sends such a small fighter to summon a Makuta?”
“He is one of your Makers, Makuta. You dare not trifle with him.”
Thus Myrnox left the Great Spirit Mata Nui, traveling to a destination unknown.


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