Makuta of Victory (Lego Contest Entry)

So yeah, I did end up entering the contest. Meso has been telling me to post this here, and despite my better judgement, I am gonna do so… Right now.

And as such, I present to you all… Makuta of Victory (AKA “Here we go again with this victory nonsense.”):

This wasn’t made to be a winning entry. This was made to put my money where my mouth was and also to get a foot in the door for the random drawing.

When I say I wanted to put my money where my mouth was, it was when I said that I thought Lego should pick the biggest, ugliest MOC with the most amount of pieces used to spite the people unable to make said MOCs. So, I gotta live up to my word and make the biggest, ugliest MOC with the most amount of pieces used to spite people unable to make said MOC. And within my ability, that’s exactly what I did.

Now, before we go any further, I’m sure most of you that have seen my Recaps will chew into me based on some things I say about Bionicle sets. So lemme get most of those out of the way.

MOCing Sins Committed:

  • Open ball joints
  • Open ball sockets
  • Blue pins
  • Solid and translucent pieces of the same color
  • Major gaps
  • No fingers
  • More than 3 colors that have nothing to do with the color scheme
  • Inconsistent aesthetic
  • Poor armor placement
  • Asymmetric build

That should cover everything.

So yeah, for those curious what I entered… There it is. In addition, yes, I did destroy the Mask of Victory to make this, which is why I named it the Makuta of Victory. Because either way, it makes me laugh, and that’s a win in my book.

Thanks for reading, and remember: I never said I could MOC worth beans. See you all later!


Because nobody saw this coming…

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Welp, what can i say, you did what you said you would. I aint even mad

I actually really like the feet

It’s not big enough, you need to buy more pieces
This looks really neat, I’m not a fan of the legs though

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Well its better than kahi’s and meso’s creations

Oh yeah, I guess I forgot to add proportions to the list…

Would like if someone from the group at least tried for the win.

As far as I’m aware, Var tried. Dunno why Meso didn’t, since he’s good at MOCing. I’m not, and I don’t want to win. I just want that Art Book.

Well his one is visually consistent, but it looks way to much like Ketar (as it was the intent), at least yours and Vars look like they can be Makuta.

Kahis one was just an entry cause why not. (Yours is structurally and visually better than Kahis, Mesos is structurally and visually better but thematically missed, Vars is in my top 10 possible winners list by the looks of it).

Is the art book being released for purchase for a wider audience after the contest?


Such Heroic Nonsense?

anyways, the shoulders look low, and the legs look way too thin.

I read the title as Makuta of Victory Leo first…

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“Makuta of Victory”

Seeing how “of Victory” works out this time? XD


Next up- Ekimu Saber

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One day, it’ll turn out well for me.

One day.


Fast-forward to 2034

Var: Hey Eljay, what’re you working on?

Eljay: It’s “Tohunga of Victory”.

Var: Didn’t you try the “of Victory” thing a whole bunch before and failed?



Eventually, when our goal is to make a MOC of “Victory”, my Victory of Victory will be Victorious.


Call it TTV: The Three Victories.


Does your MOC wear the Mask of Victory? :grinning:

That looks good for Makuta, all need left is the Skull Victory and Umarak the Victory.