Makuta Teridax - MOC - Updated

Hello everyone ^^

I updated this Moc based on the feedback I had received. The main focus was to improve the arms and make them less blocky. Of course I removed the red ball joints :stuck_out_tongue: And I decided to use the original Kraahkan becaus in my opinion it fits the armor and the texture better.

Here you can see the final product:

And here is a comparison between the old and the new arms:

The build of the hand was heavily inspired by the Mata Nui titan ^^
The new claws allow for menacing poses:

Here a close up of the arm: (yes I did paint the friction joints in the elbows ^^ )

And here is the spear, I decided to rotate the blades so that it is more accurate to the 2003 set:

And because of the infected Hau, you can place zamor shperes on there and make it look like he is playing a match of Kolhii

Here he is with his old counterpart:

And despite the alterations to the open ball joints, the Kraata containers can still be opened:

Thank you very much for reading this and I hope the receive constructive feedback ^^ (I deleted a bit of the original post below, but I left a few of the pictures in case someone wants to see the older version)

This is my first post on this forum and I would like to share the Makuta MOC I built. (This is my first real MOC)

I wanted to build my own Makuta interpretation after I saw Galvatrino’s Makuta revamp on imgur, so I decided to do a revamp of the 2003 set with some influences of the movie depiction as well as some personal ideas.

_Here you can see the wings, the design was inspired by Gamma-Raay’s Nivawk MOC on Flickr. Unfortunately the print is only on one side of the cloth piece, so the wings are a bit asymmetrical. The scythe was based on Makuta’s movie weapon, however I decided to turn it into a bigger scythe. I added the infected Hau so it can “absorb” enemies, or something like that :stuck_out_tongue: _

Here they are from the back:

Makuta ripping out parts of his essence:

The two Kraata containers can be opened by pushing the bright red ball joint. The one on his torso cannot be opened (at least not without bending is armor out of the way).

I added a few friction joints in his elbows, shoulders and wrists, so that he can hold up his victims.

When I ordered the 3D printed mask on Shapeways (which is printed in black matte steel), I purchased a mask of time as well, which I then painted in gold, that way he has some trophies to show off ^^

His height is almost the same as the one of the Mata Nui Titan:

(I don’t think Ekimu could stand a chance against this evil creature, just look at the size difference haha)

Thank you very much for reading, constructive criticism is always appreciated ^^


that looks really nice


I think eljay is going to kill you


You make that sound like a bad thing.

I’m getting some popcorn.

######Great MoC by the way.


It looks so solid and well done. I really love the attention to detail here, although could you try and cover up those red rahkshi plates?

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This is pretty great, definitely how I’d imagine a fully powered Teridax

he looks great, represents a nice movie teridax

though he seems busy all over, especially in the arms

I also wish his kraata containers werent the only red on there


Pfffft, what are you talking about? Makuta doesn’t have a chance against Ekimu. Ekimu took down Kulta, who had the MoCr.

Good moc, but the red ball joints stick out

He looks amazing

This is really great!

Whoa, that’s awesome

######but, tbh the hands look a bit small and the forearms are kinda long…

Other that that, it’s incredible

Noooooo! Lewaaaaaaaa! Great moc, man.

This is really great. So well done. I’m glad you didn’t make it too big like some people do. The torso is great, the legs are amazing, you did a really great job. :smile:

I don’t like the weapon though, and he needs more red.


Very nice! Has a nice Makuta-esque (dunno ho 2 spel) look to him and looks quite similar to the real set. 9/10, maybe some tidying up could be nice. Keep it up ;).

this is absolutely amazing

Well Lewa’s dead
Great MOC! I don’t think that Mata Nui even could stand up to him!

The MOC looks awesome, but there is a couple things I’m not a fan of. The first is the fact that his biceps look pretty blocky compared to the rest of the MOC, and the second is that there is only a couple of Mata red pieces that look out of place.

That looks really nice! it really reminds me of makuta from LoMN

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Those wings are excellent.
I really like them.

Very impressive recreation of the movie Makuta. I love the addition of the wings, a feature I don’t see too often in Makuta MOCs. The only things I think can be improved is the neck area and that the arms could stand to lose some bulk. Otherwise fantastic work.