Mandrproductions Rant!

I asked to see if I am allowed to post such topics, and apparently Elijay confirmed that such topics are indeed allowed.

So here we go. In last couple of mouths a Youtuber called mandrproductions (which he claims is pronounced as "M and R productions) has started to gain lots of Subscribers, due to his collaboration with just2good. He has almost reached 100.000 subs, which is going to place him in the Top of the LEGO YouTubers sadly. Now, you probably wonder, What is wrong about this guy?

Well, let’s start from the beginning. Although he claims to be a LEGO fan, he really is not. He is a LEGO Star Wars fan. He is probably the biggest LEGO Noob I have ever seen. In one of his “Ask Mandrproductions” videos, he said that he _hates _ Bionicle, when he did’t even got a set in his entire life. He also has never made MOC in his entire life as a LEGO “Fan”. He only buys LEGO Star Wars and nothing else. He only gets sets from other themes if he finds them on a good deal or on clearance! When the Brick Show channel was deleted a few mouths ago, he made a video where he was actually _celebrated _ the delete of one of the first LEGO channels to ever exist, and which was around for almost 10 years! He just keeps buying LEGO Star Wars just because it exists, and influences long time fans to give up the original LEGO themes for Star Wars.

Summary: While he is not a bad guy as a person, he definitely is a not the best LEGO YouTuber in my opinion. There must be diversity in what you buy, not buying the same sets which have been produced 10 times already. He has little to no respect to the original LEGO themes. He laughed when the most iconic LEGO channel got deleted (Brick Show was probably the first LEGO channel I have ever watched). He is a complete shame in the LEGO community, though his fans keep growing. That is probably all I had to say.

Keep in mind that this was all my opinion, and you might actually like him. We all have our own opinions.

Piece out!

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