Marendar: The Hunter of Toa, Functions, Lore Details

After two years of development, my version of Marendar is ready to be shown
It has multiple fun functions, lore references and it is made using only G1 pieces (plus 4L light saber pieces) so anyone back in 2010 could have built it in theory.

No illegal connections and No black axel-pin pieces. I tried to use as common/cheap pieces as possible.

Without further ado:

Marendar, The Protector of Agori and The Hunter of Toa.

Weapons Storage, Transforming Rocket legs and Shoulder canons

He is here to help… by any means necessary

Weapons and Storage

Weapons storage

Swords and blaster fold open. All weapons are stored neatly in the back until needed, fully modular no removal of pieces needed.


Marendar has two swords that are stored in the back. They contain same technology as Umbra’s energy swords. Light bars are meant to represent energizing of the swords.

Toa are unable to use Marendar weapons since Great beings did not want their technology to be used against Agori. But Marendar is more than capable of using toas own weapons in a pinch.

Double Bladed Lance and The Wrist Blaster

Using middle piece on Marendar back, Marendar can combine the swords into a powerful lance in order to increase his range and change battle style in mid battle

Marendar can also attach a folding blaster to the lance in order to aid in battle and hit further away opponents.

This blaster can also be attached to the wrist of Marendar. The connection is solid.

Folding Shoulder Canons and Rocket Boosters

Folding Shoulder Canons

Marendar has two twin cannon shoulder blasters to aid in battle. Especially in aerial battles and against far away opponents.

They are attached on ball joints and fold to the back with satisfying “click” sound.

They do not hinder his arm movements in any way.

Folding Rocket Boosters

In order to travel fast and fight, Marendar has folding rocket boosters that lock in place when in off mode. Most toa do not fly so it gives him significant advantage. Also, they allow faster movement underwater, where Toa of Water could try to escape.

Marendar can stand and pose in both forms. They have a small friction-based lock on the side that prevents transformation. It does not have the satisfying “click” sound like the shoulder canons, but it is all right function wise.

Other tactics and The Red Crystal

Removing Kanohi leaves Toa Powerless


Using the hooks of his weapon and long range, Marendar can steal masks from Toa’s face. Since removing mask weakens Toa and their powers, removal of masks is a powerful tactic.

Lamps on the arms

There are a set of lamps on Marendar’s arms, they could be sensors feeding Marendar data or location of the toa.

Or these could be a high energy flash lamps that can be used to momentarily blind Toa. Rare are toa who can fight while blinded.

Red Crystal under the chest

Red Crystal under the chest is supposed to represent the machine/organ that either nullifies, steals, resists or whichever toa related power Greg would have decided Marendar has. It is red because Toa Power is red inside a Nui Stone (blue in movies.)

Hidden Blue Crystal inside Marendar is a power source. Notice how tubes seem to come from there and from the red crystal.

Personal theory:

@NOTaHFfan suggested Marendar feeds upon Toa Power. What if the Red Crystal in his chest is actually a Nui Stone?

Nui Stone could absorb Toa Power, transform it into a fuel for Marendar’s weapons and allow Marendar to locate Toa.

It is also an excellent Fail-Safe. Unlike Baterra, Marendar’s energy is not near limitless. Few days after last Toa is down the energy runs out and Marendar shuts down.

And if any new Matoran becomes Toa, Nui Stone begins to absorb energy kios away, reawakens Marendar and sends him after the new Toa.

Elemental power

I lived 10 years thinking Marendar does not have elemental powers. Now BS01 says he might actually have them. If Marendar must have an elemental power, I think it could be light.

If any Toa were to turn against Agori it would have been a Toa of Shadow. Great beings never created Shadow Matoran since their only purpose would have been to destroy (Greg).

Element of Light is necessary against beings of shadow. And if other elements rebelled, Light is quite good against them as well.

Assault Mode and Transformation steps

Marendar has ability to transform into another form. This form allows Marendar to concentrate on overwhelming offensive power while sacrificing agility. Also, sudden change in battling style from finesse to beast will momentarily disorient opponents.

I imagine the monster form could also help Marendar to dig himself out if he is trapped under a landslide.

Transformation steps
No annoying pin removal/reattachment required, all pieces are modular.

Transformation steps

Hand and Weapon transformation

Leg transformation

Torso transformation

Back transformation


Head transformation

Remove front of the blaster

Inspiration from other GB creations + size comparison

Inspiration from Umbra

Marendar has a great semblance to Umbra, since both are warriors of Great Beings.

I like the dynamic of Umbra being a colorful creation, named after darkest part of shadow. Marendar in turn is more monochrome and is named after Agori word for Salvation, concept usually associated with brightness.

Inspiration from Baterra/Bohrok

Baterra MOC was made by @TLROsborne, link to original post

Marendar’s beast form looks a lot like Baterra. They share four eyes, claws and semi quadruple movement style.

Marendar’s Assault form follows the bug-like aesthetic set by Bohrok/Bahrag.

Also, Marendar uses a few of the same pieces as Bohrok swarms. Such as eyes and Bohrok head pieces

Size comparison

*I assume in universe Marendar is a lot smaller than the Bohrok queens.

Neat details about the build

I had a lot of fun designing the torso. I am glad how blaster attaches nicely there.

Head articulation, the head does not hit the swords, there is a half mm gap, and it can turn 360.

Middle piece attachment to the back, there is a click sound as well.

The boosters do not hit the tubes on the sides of the legs.

The central tube is hold in place using a regular small red (or black) axle. It started as a place holder but during past 2 years I have had zero problems with it.

The Moc uses a Hordika torso in construction, I am proud that I could use this rarely used piece in a moc. This is my serious first Serious moc so there has been a lot of learning.

The pieces used in transformation are fully modular. Which is nice.

I tried to use a signature/recognisable piece from every year of Bionicle. Idea was to pay tribute to every wave but unfortunately, I could not use any signature pieces of Karda Nui era (2008) and Stars. The black handles used in swords were used in Karda Nui sets first, so they count but are not Special enough to be called “signature”.

Bionicle Stars did not have any good pieces for me to use. the mahri sword was used by Nekktann but I hardly call that signature/recognisable.

Also, the tube from Ussalnui is hardly instantly recognisable. But Bohrok Kal toa hand released in the same year could be. Shame I had to drop Rakshi legs from design.

I also toyed with the idea that Marendar armor resembles Toa Nuva armor.
Toa Nuva are superior to regular toa which is referenced by Nuva armor. Marendar is also superior to Toa and Toa Nuva which is reflected by his stronger armor.

I am not confident about this detail, so it is more like “behind the scenes” stuff therefore I place it here.


As we have seen in these competitions, many negative details are not shown in pictures but are apparent when people build the moc or see it in a video. So
In name of fairness, I will list and show few of the cons I have noticed with the design, and I sadly could not remove even after a lot of effort.

G1 pieces*

Originally, I wanted Marendar to have pieces which have appeared in Bionicle sets, only.

Sadly, no Bionicle G1 set uses trans-light blue lightsaber pieces, trans-light blue studs and a light grey wheel (blaster piece where studs attach)

Bionicle do use the pieces itself but they are trans-red colored or black.

It is fine I hope, since these light blue pieces were widely available during the Era of Bionicle. And are cheap and widely available even this day.

So G1 pieces* mean: “pieces that were used in Bionicle or widely available in 2010, no pieces introduced after 2010.”

Black bars used in legs

Black 4L bars used in the locking mechanism work fine but it seems older black bars are thinner than newer ones or mine had a manufacturing error. This surprised me when I build the second leg and the black bar I used did not have as much friction as the first one.

So, they work well but there can be surprises and a need to switch a bar.

Blaster storage

I wanted the Blaster to be removable without removing swords first. Unfortunately, I could not invent a blaster that could do so without sacrificing its main function.

Blaster is solidly attached to the half pins on the back but if Axle/pin connectors do not use a solid 4L black lightsabre bar inside them, then the blaster could fold open (lower connector would fold, not the blaster under a silver inika cover.)
After I switched the black bar all my problems went away. I trust it will work for you all just fine, but I decided to mention it here just in case.

Also, Blaster does not spin, which infuriates me immensely. I truly wanted it to spin.
It also does not shoot the studs. The shooter used in today’s LEGO sets was not invented in 2010 and it would not have fitted under Inika shoulder armor in any case.


Articulation is fine and what you see in the pictures are actual poses you can get.

But pieces are old so there is understandably less friction in them. It can stand easily in both forms but leaning forward is hard since joints in the hips cannot keep the torso still in a lot of cases

This apparent in beast mode which naturally wants to lean forward. It can assume a nice roaring position but almost any “advance, lean forwards” poses need one of the claws as support.

And the claws could be a snudge longer in my opinion when it assumes all four positions. But if they were then they would be too long for lance and would fit the back storage even less.

Speaking of the Lance, it has three attachment points for hands which is good. Attachment points in swords work marvellously.
Unfortunately, the attachment point in the middle is not as strong.

one could flip a flat xx piece in the knuckles and add a 2L axle to make it sturdy if one wants. I could not find a smooth way to do so without sacrificing other functions or looks so I did not include it to final version.

Using less used pieces can ease these problems, somewhat.

I did not use friction pieces since they were released after 2010. And if my moc cannot stand without them then I would not dare to showcase it here.


I tried to use as common pieces as possible so the price would be as low as possible.

According to bricklink the MOC pieces cost (wanted list, autoselect stores, anywhere/European union,) = 60.25 €, 586 Pieces, ~0.10 euros per piece, optimal

Price Comparison

Artakha WCH (without mask)= 531.75 €, 686 pieces

Hydraxon= 57.31 €, 165 pieces

Brutaka= 145.11 €, 193 pieces

Axonn= 41.8 €, 196 pieces

Voporak= 128.86 €, 646 pieces

Roodaka= 52.42 €, 233 pieces

Umbra= 34.67 €, 179 pieces

Lariska Gerou100 = 25.1 €, 225 Pieces

Overall, I would say I succeeded. Titan sets with fewer pieces cost about the same or way, way more.

60 Euros are 63 Dollars as of writing this.

In the end my goal was to build a fun moc that I and many others would enjoy building and own. I like lore references and functions, so I built what I wanted to see.

Thank you for your time.


Newer ones use a different material, resulting in different friction. The older ones should have higher friction than the newer ones though, I believe.

I quite like this concept and your execution of it :slight_smile:


It has been pleasure seeing this MOC develop over time, and I have to say the final product did not dissapoint! I think it strikes a balance between several interpretations of Marendar without falling victim to the “just another mech” pitfall most Marendars do. The modular design and ability to transform are all things I always imagined Marendar would be capable of.
This is definitely one of the MOCs I would end up voting for, had the contest continued. Good job :ok_hand:


ah neat - this looks really great!


Wow, 63 bucks. And with all those functions. My only minor complaint would be that his head looks a little too big for his proportions, but I realize the gun mouth might not work if it was smaller. It’s definitely more bulky looking that most other Marendars I’ve seen, so props for the construction


One more note - I like the Nui stone theory included. It has been described as an ancient artifact pre-dating Nynrah ghosts:

Q: Who actually created the Nui Stone? The Nynrah Ghosts?
A: No, they don’t make that sort of stuff. The Nui stone is a really ancient invention.

It is feasible that it was either creating by Great Beings or they made something similar. The theory that it was intended for Marendar is not out of the realm of possibility.


@Rhyla416 @Wolk @Toa-Panem @ToaKebaka

Thank you for compliments, it took a lot of effort to make. (Weird that three Toa liked it…)

My hunch was almost correct then. I wonder if it is other way around since I borrowed a piece from Roodaka and it had less friction. Impossible to say in my part since I bought it as used so I do not know if previous owner swiched pieces.

I will prepare a list of pieces for the competition. it pays that I did not use Kanohi.

The head is better in person and the beast mode head is usually looking more “up” when it is hunched over. Photography required that pose since I wanted to show it can stand on two legs.

It is almost the same height as a metru kanohi. 5,5 studs instead of 5.


I’d like to think it was created as they or someone experimented with Toa energy. Not specifically for Toa killer. Then they found a new use for it.

And it is my own theory in any case. And a neat detail for those who build it.


Really cool that he transforms


Thanks. I am glad people seem to like it.

Earlier version had only the “hero/protector” mode. It was quite similar to current one but it had inika swords as weapons instead current ones. (They still combined into a lance)

I wanted to give it switchable four eyes so it could have a different vibe when facing Toa and facing Agori. Originally I wanted to change eye color between red and blue but this was super hard to include in a moc.

When toying with the idea about half a year ago it hit me in a flash. I could try to go further and make a full beast mode. I had to sacrifise my old swords but I think it was worth it to have a beast mode while keeping original “hero” mode intact


Two years in the making.

Well, I’ll be. I can see why you were looking forward to a Marendar contest. No doubt you’ll be vying for the spotlight in DuckBricks’ Fanon Contest coming in a few years-- wishing you the best with your lovely design! :beers:


To you as well. :beers:


Ah, here we go. This is the finished moc and I daresay it’s one of my most favorite Marendars I’ve ever seen. The design, while more robotic looking than others, definitely is very intimidating, almost predatory. Color scheme is very nice as well, but the functions are where this moc really shines. From the foot boosters to the assault mode, your Marendar has lots of cool features that make it all the more awesome. Excellently done! :wink:


Thank you very much!

What do you mean by robotic?

Now that you mentioned it the Moc Resembles Umarak the hunter. it even has two forms (hunter/destroyer).

I was(/am) against idea of takin inspiration from Umarak since character didn’t exist in the year 2010 so it would have not been possible if I wanted to keep the anyone could have build it " back in the day wibe going.

But I can’t deny the parales are there. i guess it is because both character fill similar roles and use similar tropes in my head.

edit: you didn’t refer to umarak the hunter but your words reminded of this factoid :slight_smile:


I will not lie. This figure is really cool.:sunglasses:


That it looks like a robot…?

Neato :wink:


Thank you very much!!!

:sweat_smile: I was curious that what makes it look “more robotic” than other mocs. I think they all look quite cool and robotic since they are based on bionicle. :slight_smile:


I made some uppgrades. Its claws have thumbs, there is more blue highliths. any opinions?

Ah it seems last picture had some green. I think I will not try it. Since it does not pop up enough.


Nice! He looks like he’s powered by Baja Blast!


Yeah for some reason lighting in picture was of lol