Mario movie (2022)

Well the trailer looks like just your standard animated action comedy but doesn’t look that bad; with illimunation involved I kinda expected much worse and far more annoying.

After having watched the trailer, I’m definitely disappointed with Chris Pratt’s Mario but I really didn’t expect a celebrity casting like him to pull a good voice.

However, hopefully we’ll get some memes (ironic or not) out of this, and Jack Black’s Bowser seems alright so far.

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Well, then they better get started on Metroid. (Better not be a kiddy-kids movie for three year-olds.)

Unfortunatley i don’t think Samus will get a film- Metroid isn’t as popular as Mario or as mainstream. A full movie wouldn’t be a good use of funds, as there isn’t a big enough audience.


Yeah,but aside from zelda, what else would they put there?

Kirby, more Pokémon, Fire Emblem could happen, they could potentially do a Luigi movie, and there’s a very small chance of Pikmin. Metroid is probably one of the last movies they’d do considering how much smaller of a series it is


Metroid would be interesting as a movie…
Though I can see a few ways filmmakers could utterly ruin the main character.


It looks genuinely good.

I don’t know if I’m really surprised about that. Nintendo has an iron grip on their franchise quality control, so from the start I wasn’t worried it was going to be an un-faithful adaptation.

Really the only truly worrying things were the studio (Illumination) and Chris Pratt as Mario.

And having now seen the teaser trailer, while the cast choice reveal was hilarious, I now have the utmost confidence in pretty much every voice actor. Especially Jack Black’s Bowser.

Buuuut, not so much for Mario. To be honest, he really does just sound like Chris Pratt doing his normal voice. He has the slightest of accents, but it’s still 90% him, whereas Jack Black has seemed to pull back his usual tone for Bowser. Same for Keegan Michael Key’s Toad. You can still tell it’s Jack Black or Key, but it works better for the character. Every other actor seems to fit their role better, so no worries there.

But I need to hear more to really make a true judgement.

All in all, though, I was massively impressed, and I’ll admit I am now hype for it. While I kind of wish it was in the hands of a more stylish studio (Dreamworks or Sony, for instance), I cannot deny that the realistic “Pixar” look does look really good on the Mario characters.

And the trailer got a few laughs out of me, so I’m not too worried about the typical Illumination writing either. I think we have a movie that will be at absolute worst “good” and at best one of the best video game movies, up there with Sonic 2 for me.


this is here now


I actually think Metroid would lend itself better to an animated series, and if they don’t want to risk completely fricking up her character they could really just adapt the prequel manga. A Metroid series would also prolly be the only time I wouldn’t be opposed to something Being more episodic in nature.

And while we’re on the subject

Could be a possibility


If only they could then explain how Samus managed to get into a spaceport in one of the Transformers stories…

Google it. She actually appears in one of the comics, I believe.

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Yes. A violent Nintendo movie! Gunfights, Marvel-style action sequences, and cool-looking aliens. Just what I need.

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Kirby movie when?



When he isn’t so simple to animate.

We need Kirby to be voiced by Nicolas cage

are you proposing that Kirby’s design is too simple and must be more detailed

Because the last time they tried that it was this

and also this


First description plus second image plus Nic Cage is the ideal combo


Ok, now I’m actually scared of the second picture.

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We also need Sylvester Stallone to voice Bandana Dee