Marvel figure-style Tahu/Narmoto (TTV Brickonicle)

Not 100% satisfied with how this turned out but at this point I think I’m ready to call it done.

Based on Var’s proposed Brickonicle animated series character designs.

I’ve had this in the pipeline for months now. I think I’ve wanted to make this pretty much ever since the spiderman figures came out.

I had to cobble together a few placeholder parts since studio doesn’t have all of the parts I needed to make this yet. The SCCBS armor shells in particular are the most noticable, as their incorrect geometry causes them to clip into the elbow joints. (the real ones don’t do that.)

There’s supposed to be printing on the shoulders but it didn’t come through in the render due to a glitch. Here’s how they’re meant to look:

I might take another stab at the brickonicle animated designs later at a smaller scale with more exaggerated proportions.


I really hope Lego doesn’t do this for Bionicle. I’m not the biggest fan of the brick system. Off that the figure is pretty accurate to what could have been 2015-2016 toa.


I’d buy this, great use of the Marvel figure baseline into something more familiar. Puts proportions of the inika build into prespective given more humanoid look.

Consider this scenario: This figure looks very “at home” with modern system mechs and figures, perhaps this would more easily create a bridge for a primarily system based fan to consider getting into constraction?

Great moc, got me thinking. Have you considered doing the other toa? Or even more of a challenge, try making Makuta with a similar system. Trying to combine the Makuta Teridax technic skeleton with the system established with these new Marvel figures.

Bionicle just cant die unless Lego completely stops making technic or any modern weapon/armor part that has some sembelence to a buildable figure piece, and this is another testament to that fact.



I woulden’t be even remotely upset if this is how G3 looked. Really cool.


While the design is a little G2 for my taste, I think anything that can prove to Lego that brick build Bionicle is possible is a win for me.

I still think that masks should be their own sculpts and backwards compatible, but I’m all for brick build everything else.


I’ve never been a big fan of these figures and their bizarre proportions (and comically low shoulders), but you’ve tightened things up a bit in regards to that. The only complaint with this design is the uber clown shoes that would make Hero Factory 2.0 proud, but otherwise the color blocking is very neat and the shaping is solid. I dig it

Occasionally I’m reminded that Brickonicle exists and I’m upset TTV doesn’t do more with the idea now that system Bionicle is so readily accepted by fans, but it’s nice to see the fans doing what they can with the idea. Nice work; can’t wait to see more.


This is absolutely killer and I love it. I haven’t been particularly sold on the Marvel figure style being a platform for constraction as of yet, and I tend to prefer GWP-styled and scaled creations, but this has been the first proof of concept to give me some faith it could work for BIONICLE figures. I’d still want a different head, but you made the Hau work pretty well in this stylized format so I guess anything’s possible.

It’s also super cool to see something from Brickonicle live on. Thanks so much for doing this. :smiley:


I could see this as an actual set, the shaping is very nice


I spent way too long looking at this trying to figure out where Narmoto was. I forgot that g3 was so weird.


Indeed… Just learn who he was thanks to your comment


You know, I just sat down to build a revamp of either Onua Mata of Nuparu Ignika in this style (inspired / based on the Venom figure) when I realized some key parts where missing as well.

mainly, 4613153, 6411154, 6404129, and 6406957. It seems like you’ve made some of these parts for this MOC, would you be able to post them as a parts pack for or direct me to an existing ack that might have these pieces?

EDIT: of course I just found them… never mind me. lol