Marvel's Daredevil!

A new trailer for the netflix series is out, and I gotta say, I really like it,

Of course, this will take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so no need to ask that.

What do you guys think? Will it be a good series, or do you feel it may suck like the original film? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

ALSO: SPOILER WARNING! We will discuss some of the stuff in the show!


Hm looks pretty cool I’ll probably watch it.

I can’t wait for April 10th.

The series looks great.I like the tone of it based on the trailer.

Looks alright. I actually liked the original film so I’m interested how this will compare.

Guys! The show is out now! We can discuss here, but remember to put spoilers under the spoiler function. If people who haven’t seen the show come here, remember to be cautious about spoilers!


Finished watching DD, was amazing. Favorite character was Wesley and the Owl. Really sad they died. DD himself looks ■■■■■■ and episodes 2, 6, 8 and 13 are my favorites.

I plan on binge watching it now…

@Atomizer2020 If you’re going to say spoilers please use the spoiler function:
Use [“poiler] [/spoiler”] with out the quotation marks.

ah, im sorry. First time posting.

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I have to say, I like this new Daredevil show better than Gotham. Both are solid shows, but Daredevil is so much darker and more intense. That’s probably why it’s not on TV, and I’m glad of it. My favorite episode is 8, but be warned, it is the most intense episode in the series (so far). P.S. Don’t watch it (ep. 8) with your dad as I did. He will be a little afraid of you afterwards. Just sayin’.

Yeah, I’m liking this show, as well. Probably one of my favorite shows Marvel has to offer right now.

This show is what Daredevil deserved.


I plan on watching an episode tonight… I hope

Do so! It’s amazing!

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Just finished the first episode. It was indeed quite good!

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Also, is anyone upset about Wesley dying? He was my favorite character!


Wesley and Leland was bae(s)

I cri every knight now


When Wesley died I was pretty sad, he was cool :cry:

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I know. He was my favorite character. I love the advocate kinda guys who keep their cool like him. It’s a shame they killed him off, but at least we felt bad about his death. (And Ben Urich’s, too. Both were pretty heart-breaking.)


just finished watching it, have been saying DC is doing better on its shows than Marvel (even though I like agents of shield), I now have to retract that statement, Daredevil was amazing, and actually better then arrow (and I really like Arrow)


Indeed. The show has so much realism even though it has comic book elements. And it’s pretty dark, yet very entertaining. I think we are going through another Marvel age again.