Mary Poppins Returns

Figured I’d make this topic…

What is considered to be the greatest kids’ movie of all time, Mary Poppins, is getting a sequel!

It looks just like the first one.
I’m sorry.
It does.
So feel free to discuss it here!


Why! This is so completely unnecessary!

Jungle Book
Pete’s Dragon
Beauty and The Beast
The Lion King
Mary Poppins

Disney is going absolutely ham with these live action remakes. This is absurd!


Exactly my train of thought.




Dumbo looks to be a disappointment. Aladdin might be good.

I’ve also heard rumors about a Lio and Stitch remake, which I am absolutely dreading.




My thoughts exactly.

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We needed this movie. Mary Poppins is such a beloved character that she deserves her own franchise. I will definetely go to this one.

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I probably will, too, to see how it is.

Still, Disney is going crazy with all these movies.

I really don’t see your point. I find this idea great.

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I dunno…

The movies were perfect before, but with how Disney’s been doing things lately, I’m not so sure it’s gonna go well this time.

Even if those movies will be terrible, that won’t affect the status of the originals in any way. So it’s no need to worry about this.

Honestly I’m enjoying the live action remakes. This Mary poppins idea seems risky, but I think they know what they’re doing can we get some sort of Yondu reference though


Me too. Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast were great. I wonder though… The Disney Princess are the main focus of those remakes, so I can see all of them getting a remake at some point. What I wonder, though, Is how a Little Mermaid remake will be like… As much as It’s one of my favorite classic Disney movies, I am not sure how well will that work in live-action…

They won’t screw Mary Poppins. Is literally the character that everybody, kids adults and old people, care of. And what is wrong with the idea of a Mary Poppins remake? I always wanted another one, seeing that the first one was a massive success.

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“hey, y’all, I’m Yondu!”


Mary Poppins Returns isn’t a remake, it’s a sequel. I saw a behinds the scene thing and it looks fantastic. It even has Vick Van Dike’s seal of approval. The man is 90 something and he jumps on a table and breaks out in a tap-dance in the middle of it! All the Animation is hand drawn like the original!




I watched the trailer, and it’s the same thing.
The parents/dad are skeptical, and the kids are in awe.
The banker looks exactly the same as the one in the original, and judging by the trailers, the movie will be almost word-for-word as the original.
Forgive my skepticism…
I’m just not a huge fan of Poppins. My mom made me watch it a lot as a little kid, so I just am tired of it.

Yeah I know, but it’s similar to the remake projects

Once again, full review of the movie by Mr. Chandler:

I’ll see the movie later today.
Can’t wait.

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