Mask Displays

Hey guys. I am almost finished with a complete collection of the 2001 Toa Mata masks. As such, I am in need of a way to display them.

My idea is to create a display, probably just a simple shadow box with a glass front. I don’t want to buy tons of Mata heads. I think I’d like to design the back so that I could mount the masks, maybe by 3d printing? I want to aesthetic to be somewhat similar to an insect display.

How do you guys display your masks? Do you have ideas like mine? How did you put together your display? Thoughts and pics would be appreciated


On mocs, or in my lego box. :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t have many rare or interesting masks

Are you opposed to buying a ton of other lego pieces (such as 2x2 round bricks)?

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graft them into your flesh so all who gaze upon you must witness them


Do you have the canister lids?

I throw them all in a tote and overfill it to the point where the tote is threatening to fracture

(except my corrupted hau, that one must not be damaged)

There’s a couple designs that come to mind.

The top one has a large number of insects, assorted wherever there is room, with no special labeling or identification. Still somewhat organized, still pretty, and rather big.

The bottom one has very few entries, but each one has a label and a dedicated, isolated space from the rest. Smaller, but more exact in terms of displaying.

I try to approach designs of any kind with “can I build it out of lego?” first and default to other options after that point. Whether it’s 3d-printed or brick-built, I would have a white field with the exact number of axle holes corresponding to however many kanohi/krana you want to eventually display. If you think you’ll ever intend to hunt down the wmkk/smkk, you’ll want to consider them in your 3d print.

Then you just use either this


or this


to attach the corresponding mask to the wall. Once you’ve got it printed or built, order some glass of the correct dimensions and voila; your beautiful kanohi case free from dust and disturbance.

Depending on how fancy you want to get with it you could even add lights under the masks or around the edge of the display. Would be too much work for me, though, although it would net attention.


Like the idea of a frame with a wooden back with evenly spaced axel holes. You can then full then with Mata Heads with axels in the back with the masks on them and cover them with a clear clear acrylic panel that you can open on the front. That would look really professional and very nice.
Kinda like how Ghid said.

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I’d say this one might be a better idea, in case you want to add some of the masks from 2004 onwards to your display.

Okay, response time!

Good question! I am not opposed to that, no. It’s a silly reason, but the reason I don’t want to purchase Mata skulls is because there’s a finite amount of them. Yes, I know that there’s probably enough out there for me to buy a fair amount, but I just would prefer not to.

Parts like bricks and the connectors mentioned by @Ghid exist in large amounts. Many are still being produced to this day. I have no issue whatsoever taking a large slice of that pie. Honestly, it’s a really good idea.

I like a lot of what @Ghid said so instead of quoting his whole reply I’ll just respond to it here. @Festive-Alucus too, I do want something to display on my wall rather than on a desk or shelf, hence the shadow box idea. I should have done some research myself, but the two insect display ideas are both very appealing. I was initially just thinking of organizing the kanohi by color and shape, but the box design with the larger bugs in the middle is really nice. When I get around to seriously designing my display, I may fiddle around with a design like that. Good ideas all around, including use of the aforementioned connectors.



I just made a new mask display design today, so might as well share it here instead of making a new topic for it. :thinking:

I tried to pack as much information about the design in this render as I could but if you have any questions just ask. :grinning:

Click on the image to display the bill of material properly, Also there is a typo for the 1x1 and half pin component it should just be 1 not 2.

The holes in the design is for hanging and for lighting options.