Mask of light live action??

Recently I search information from my upcoming Bionicle documentary, I found an interesting information about The mask of light movie

Someone have more information about this topic?


From what I have read (though I can’t find a source), all of the studios that they approached with the movie wanted to put an actual child in the movie.

Lego said no, and they found a studio they agreed with.

I don’t know if this information is accurate, but I have it in my memory from some point.

Regardless of how it went down, I’m pretty sure that would have killed the franchise as we know it.


Yeah, I’ve heard of that from somewhere, too. I remember it from a YouTube video. Don’t remember which one, though.

He kind of mentions it here, but this isn’t really much to go on:

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I’m pretty sure it was never a thing that was going to go forward - more like something that all the film studios wanted to do but Lego didn’t.

I remember reading something that sort of inferred that was why a movie for '01 was never on the table.


Yeah, Bionicle would have died instantly if a real life actor were to appear in the movie :rofl:

Yeah a kid was supposed to become the 7th Toa. I get traumatized shudders just by thinking about such possibility.


Oh dear, this would have been a disaster. A FLOP! AN HORRIBLE FAILURE!

I think there’s a chance that the movie may have performed well at the time, but it wouldn’t be remembered like the final version currently is.

In fact, that goes for the whole line; a human actor may not have immediately killed the franchise, but there’s no way we’d still be talking about it today.


In some horrifying alternative universe where this was the Mask of Light we got how exactly would this fit into canon? Or would this even be canon?

Oh yeah, I remember hearing about this. Unfortunately I don’t know anything more about it, but I have to agree - I’m glad it never got close to being realized. A human kid becoming a Toa is actually fan-fiction (I’d know, I’ve read it :stuck_out_tongue: ), and I can’t imagine the narrative backflips they’d have to do to try and keep taking things seriously after that.

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I’ve rewatched TTV’s top ten unused concepts and #1 was the GSR’s orignal purpose. Mata Nui was a large scale evactuation ship to find a new world for the inhabitants of a destroyed world and those people were held in suspended animation. When they arrived to the planet, Makuta sabotaged the ship causing the workers (matoran) to lose their memories they went out to the island of Mata Nui with the people trapped in stasis being forgotten. This sparks an idea for this orginal Mask of Light, the inhabitants were likely humans so for some reason a child was freed from stasis and eventually made it to Mata Nui where he would somehow become the seventh toa.


Real question is what if they made it and the .000000000000001% chance of it being a good movie actually happened?

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I believe we all know what a live action mol would look like


While we don’t know the details, it’s fair to assume the studios would have wanted the kid to be from our universe and would have somehow been transported into the BIONICLE universe, like in Chronicles of Narnia. But since LEGO was dead set against it, there likely were no plans aside from “put a kid in it, the chart says a child protagonist will be more relatable”.

Though, if you were to ask me how I would handle it, I say Mask of Light should have been a crossover with Galidor.


So basically Bionicle but it’s the Playmobil movie.

gotta be honest I forgot the Playmobil movie existed

I was gonna say that it’s more like the Lego Movie, but I guess that actually pulls the opposite and has a Lego character go into the human world? Which is kinda neat, when I think about it that way.

Nuva IRL


But would we have talked about it at least as fondly as we do Galidor?

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I hate this idea, especially a child in Bionicle world

I would rather have 2 hours of that kid being eaten by biomechanical crabs rather than 2 hours of it being a tag-along untraumatisable kid for Toa Nuva