Mask selected and painted

Continuing the discussion from Toa Zaria Mask Update:
Thanks everyone for the comments and voting in polls I had. Here he is.

Also if anyone is wondering here are the paints i used for the mask. First a layer of white primer let dry for an hour then the a couple layers of Satin, let dry, and then a coat of Purity seal.


Noice. very Noice.

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that’s so sick dude. what kind/brand of paint did you use? I have a glossy spray orange that I’ve honestly had issues with moreso than any of my other paints

EDIT: nvm just saw ur edit ahaha. thank you!

I was just updating that as you posted lol. I could have mixed some of my warhammer model paints to get closer and used my air brush, but didnt want to make it super difficult to replicate so went with this, its pretty close

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lmaooooo that’s the same orange I have! guess I need to finally give into using primer😪


I have found it depends on the item being sprayed to. the better the detail on the thing and smoother the better it adheres. the purity seal also smooths the final outcome. I had some trouble with bubbles this time but got those sorted.

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should’ve gone with gunmetal

It looks pretty nice, though.

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It’s pretty nice. I like it.

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thats a nice looking face for our favorite ferrous murder boy!

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Looking very knightly

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Surprisingly, to me to, the dark orange won out in the poles, by a slim margin. I will of course give permission for the mask and color to change, so the artist has the final say; should my depiction win. However, I like it in the end, because I felt the dark orange balances the overall moc’s color scheme better than if I went with the dark pearl gray. Time will tell.

Also I felt like I was going for representing an element and to me the Dark orange is more representative of Iron. Thus the mask, ie the focal point, should be that color. Like blue for water, red for fire, white for ice and so on. Granted that is my interpretation of elements and not gospel, and contradictions to that view do exist in canon, and the reverse could be argued easily as well.

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True. that makes sense