Toa Zaria Mask Update

Continuing the discussion from Zaria Weapon Update:

Well now that I have hammered down his weapon I decided to get a couple other masks. Both by Galva_Nize: Great Arha, Mask of Tracking and Great Mask of Adaptation.

Poll time

Which Mask is prefered

  • Great Mask of Adaptation
  • Great Mask of Tracking
  • Leave as Kakama
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What Color

  • Paint Dark Orange
  • Paint Dark Pearl Gray
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Thanks in advance and any comments are welcome as well. Personally I wanted to be a bit different and not use the Mask of Adaptation, as many others are, but its larger size and shaping fit my moc fairly well so I am leaning towards it.


Looks pretty nice. I’d say paint the MoA gunmetal.


The mask of tracking looks a little too sinister in my opinion


Dang, those masks are smooth. Are they resin cast?

Also, I agree that the mask of adaptation looks the best on him


They are not resin casts they are the fine detail plastic, its a little more price wise but they come out crisp


Mask of tracking. Now that’s an interesting idea. Not too sold on how it looks in the model though.

MOA definitely looks better, and is already a canon mask power. Really cool one too. I’d say be basic and stick with that.


That doesn’t really look like a staff

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I dig it! Whichever you paint grey you should paint the other one orange. I like the Mask of Tracing, switches things up a little bit.


I was going for something like this

I did like my original sword so I wanted to include as much of the sword as possible. My idea is to build the staff in such a way that using only its part one could build other weapons. Being a Toa of Iron, Zaria would be able to manipulate his weapon into anything, as long as, the mass was there to facilitate the shape.

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Dark Orange MoA. i think it’d look better.


Mask of Adaption. It just fits better with the rest of his shaping.


MoA looks better as it builds up the knight vibe


The only issue I have with Dark Orange, which is probably what Id prefer, is I am having difficulty finding a spray paint to match. I do have my own compressor and air brush so I could always get the color close on my own, but I then know for anyone replicating it getting a matching color would be hard. Where as the Dark Pearl Gray has a common spray paint that matches nearly 100 percent, but then I feel like its to much dark pearl gray on the moc.