Zaria Weapon Update

Update to Zaria Weapon. I can appreciate the story aspect to it as in Zaria can essentially manipulate his staff into any shape or melee weapon given his element, but as a static weapon as a staff is a bit lack luster. Admittedly I am not thrilled about the weapon limitation, but I have a couple designs currently.

At first I wanted the staff to be able to move and appear fluid as though his element was altering it in real time. I don’t love that it feels thin next to him, but I wanted to see everyone’s thoughts. My fear on the moving staff is those pieces are quite fragile and get worn-down easily. Alternativity, I have a couple static staff, which is preferable?

Here are some of a couple static staves I put together as well… apparently he’s a battle mage now lol

Thanks for viewing and comments. I think the difficulty of a staff is going to be distinction between a spear/pole-arm and a staff.


I like this design!

Thanks, I honestly hope for Mawrendar we dont get more details I like him being vague just taller than a toa, humanoid and that’s really it. Details limit the possibilities to much for him in my opinion

looks cool

Nice! This is a pretty good design, I like that it can bend and move.

I actually love it.

Thanks I also posted A new static staff as well above

Thanks, but I also posted a new static staff as well above. my fear with the movable one is those parts are quit fragile and break down easily

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yes, that could be an issue
either way though the staff looks great.


I like the body of the new rigid staff, but I like the spear tip of the original much more. Maybe you can place the older spear tip on top of the new staff, that would be great, and maybe replace the lower bohrok eyes with black ones if you’re lacking dark orange.

This one is still my favorite Zaria by far. You’ve got my vote. I advise you to replace the mask with a 3D printed pearl dark grey mask, maybe a Mask of Adaptation, just to keep in the mood, unless you’re expecting the art entry to change the mask.


I should have started with thank you, originally.

I am anticipating the mask to change, I will give permission for the color swap and mask change. Currently I just dont see the need, maybe once we draw closer to the contest itself, and rules are set I will consider putting that money forward.

I think ive settled on this design, but ill look through bricklink parts to see if something else catches my attention.

I just wish the Technic, Axle Connector Hub with 3 Axles came in a black or dark gray. AND I am torn rather i should swap the trans-red studs for dark orange.